Combined Ops and NaNoWriMo

I opened up ‘Combined Ops’  the other morning. The first time in a while. It’s half finished, and I like the premise of the story, but I have had to rewrite a considerable amount to fit in with recent developments. (Drat you Obama… This had the Orion space capsule in it and you went and cancelled that programme!) Anyway, given the time and inclination  I would rewrite the whole thing, but as things are right now, time is scarce. It was Heinlein who said –  in his five rules for writers  – Finish what you write..  and  as I always considered Heinlein to be a really great writer, I am following his advice.

I will finish Combined Ops. It might not be a great story, ( might not be a good story in actual fact!) but it deserves to be completed. I don’t like the thought of leaving stories… floating and abandoned on old flash drives. Like  my early stories, it might be ‘clunky’, might be full of cliches and adverbs and pleonasms, but there will be a sense of satisfaction in getting it completed. It may well end up as the final story in the Rachel Chronicles. I am finding it increasingly diffficult to write ‘Straker’ in that style now. He has, in my mind, developed far beyond the character who appeared in the  Rachel stories For a start, I don’t see Ed Straker playing the piano now, or being so openly ‘touchy-feely’ with Rachel. But, dammit, THAT Ed Straker was fun to write when I first started out.

So. What now? Well, NaNoWriMo has reared its ugly head once more. It was two years ago when someone on a forum suggested that I participate, but  I was busy starting Shepherd then as well as  dealing with other, personal, problems and last year I was at the end of Shepherd and simply couldn’t summon the enthusiasm.

This year? Bring it on!!  I will give it my best shot. I want that NaNoWriMo winner’s award!


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