Giving the poor sod a break. :)

Started a new story last week, something very different, and not UFO for once.

I thought it was time I gave Ed Straker a decent break for a while. – time to recover as it were,  although ‘The Needs of the Many’ is not that angst-ridden and some stories are very light-hearted.   There are enough UFO stories waiting to be published that I can ease off and take a rest for a  few weeks. ‘Needs’ will take at least three months to publish in its present length and possibly longer, depending on where I go with it – currently 37K and nowhere near finished yet! And although it is not canon, (grinning here) I am endeavouring to make it ‘true to character’ as far as possible. That, to me, is the whole point of writing fanfiction.

My new story, an original, is a chance to experiment with writing beyond UFO, and hopefully use some of the skills I have learned over the past two years in a different setting. ‘That bloody story’ (aka Combined Operations) is simmering in the background, waiting to be completed by demand, as are several others, such as ‘The Lift’, ‘Hardwired’ and of course, ‘Matter of Degree’, (which may never see the light of day unless I rewrite huge chunks of it). Oh. and there is another 80K more or less of a trilogy to be edited!


Straker casts a concerned eye over LtCdr’s latest story.

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