I think I have it. Finally. After months (and I mean MONTHS) of scrawling ideas in notebooks and WriteItNow, and on sheets of  A2 paper, only to have every single one fail at the first hurdle,  I might just have got over the ‘hump’ and have a viable and more importantly a ‘do-able’ plot line.
It has been an uphill struggle for longer than I care to remember to get to this point, and even now I am cautious. The whole idea could so easily fall apart, but somehow I think it will work. It will be, if I manage to make it work, something I have wanted to do ever since I realised that Shepherd was going to be far, far bigger than I could ever have imagined.
Only time will tell, but – I will be starting serious planning (something that I really dislike doing!) on Monday. Tomorrow is Sunday and  I will spend the day  letting that initial idea percolate. Who knows what other ideas  might come to mind!
All I do know is that it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

And about bloody time.  I even have the title.


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