The Needs of the Many and writing in general.

UFO is fun to write. That is the only reason for me wasting my time doing stories such as The Needs of the Many, or Midnight (or the one that is still there in the back of my mind.. Combined Ops.)  It  doesn’t get many readers, or comments or encouragement, but that’s okay. I don’t write for other people. I write UFO because I can and because I love the series, because I see situations and suddenly I imagine Straker or Foster or Freeman or someone from the series in that situation and then my mind simply runs riot. For the last few days I have been pushing a plot bunny away, knowing that the temptation to write the scene would ‘take over’ the other things I am trying to do at this time. Unfortunately, last night someone made a comment to me,, in all innocence and POW. The plot bunny reappeared… all tooth and claws and evil grin.

So. Another UFO story in the works starting tomorrow (along with the other 10 or so waiting to be posted, totalling about 100,000 words all-in-all) This will be the third in a short trilogy, and will be rather more adult in content. But, so what. I will have fun writing it.



One thought on “The Needs of the Many and writing in general.

  1. NEVER consider this a waste of your time. EVER! I have enjoyed reading every word of The Needs Of The Many. I look forward to reading the rest of MIdnight. Pardon my phraseology here but… If the writer’s name is Cudder, we know it will be gooder!
    Thank you for your time and effort with all your writing.

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