So, 2014 rears its head and I look at my list of resolutions – do I finally write that  story in which Paul Foster is the hero, or the one where Colonel Lake is a loveable and caring person, or where Straker doesn’t end up in a dreadful situation?

Nah. 😉  I have plans for this year, and  it will see stories such as ‘Driving Force’ being posted, along with several others completed. However,  Combined Operations has been hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles and it deserves  to be finished, if only to bring the story of Straker and Rachel to a satisfactory conclusion. That will take long enough I think!

So. That is my resolution. Get Combined Ops completed. I was aiming for 20K, then re-assessed it at 12K. Now??  Who knows. And as long as I am having fun. I will continue. ( And I AM having fun  – however, Straker might not be!!)

Will she EVER get that story finished??

Will she EVER get that story finished??


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  1. I am so new to the world of fanfic having never read anything before (late starter?) but totally loving your work Lightcudder!

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