on writing UFO fanfic

The final chapter of Shepherd 4 is now published, together with the author notes written at the time, when I was seriously considering abandoning the fandom altogether. However,  I realised that writing UFO stories  was far more important than worrying about what other people were saying about me. No one should have to  apologise for writing UFO fanfic, or for trying to stay as close to the characters as they were portrayed in the episodes.

I write UFO stories. It’s as simple as that.

I have not been as ‘prolific’ in recent months, due to circumstances beyond my control <grinning here> but I am currently working on a short tale for Hallowe’en, as well as planning a longer, SHADO Christmas story and a third ‘trilogy’ to go with FarSight and Moonlight and Vodka. 😉 (Oh.. and a possible script as well! )

And of course, Shepherd Part 5 will start here next week.

And a picture to go at the end.

vlcsnap-2010-03-05-09h33m09s208 (2)

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