Shepherd Part 5: Laired.  It seems a long time since I completed this story, and a great deal  has happened since I wrote the first scene, almost four  years ago (and there is still a final scene to write!). I will be adding one chapter each week to the  story for the next 18 weeks and will then post the final part. 

As with all my UFO stories, Shepherd was written mostly for the sheer fun of doing it, but also with the deepest respect for the characters, the actors and all involved in the production of the series. Some stories, such as the Small Pleasures trilogy, may be seen as adult, but I believe they are still as true to the series as many other fanfic stories out there on the internet. However, all that matters is that you, the reader, remember the thrill of sitting down (on a Saturday night in my case) and waiting impatiently for the start of that theme music. There may yet be a UFO film, who can say, but however good it is, it will never replace the original series.

So,  without more ado, I will set to and post Shepherd Part 5:  Chapter 1

As always, comments are appreciated. 😉

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