Back in the Halley saddle

After a long break, I am back working on Halley, the Thunderbirds story I started back in February. It’s been a while since I wrote any serious Thunderbirds, and the fandom has lost much of its attraction in a way, with the introduction of the new series complete with pre-pubescent Alan, the removal of Tin-Tin, the introduction of a comic (?) or should I say farcical ‘Grandma’ and the loss of the one character who held the family together; Jeff Tracy.

I watched enough of TBAG to know it was not aimed at me, nor at any discerning ‘Thunderbirds’ fan of a certain age – but I have still to meet in person, anyone who enjoys it. What a wasted opportunity. It could have been wonderful – a rich combination of CGI and models –  the Anderson tradition combined with today’s modern skills. Instead it is little more than a cheap cartoon designed to be forgotten five minutes after the programme has ended.

For those of us who grew up with the ‘real’ Thunderbirds we can only go back and watch the dvds again, and quietly forget the latest travesty foisted upon us by misguided producers.

Oh well, enough of the rant. Halley and Virgil Tracy are calling me. beardmoreglacier_largeCatch you later 😉

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