Drat. Shoot that bunny someone!

I am finally coming to the end of the current story, after several weeks of fighting. I now have over  six different versions, some in first person with different protagonists, some with different OCs, (who didn’t work out).  But I managed to keep that sentence …. Oh god… the phone slipped from his fingers…. although I am still not sure how the whole thing is going to end, or whether I will publish it even! Depends on what my beta-reader thinks.

I had intended to work on one of the older stories next, maybe get Combined Operations or Pittencriel to the next stage, but I was distracted by a rather sweet plot bunny that lolloped its way across the screen of my laptop.  Drat. Just what I needed.  So..  That is going to be added to my list.  I started it last night, and although it WILL have a fair amount of angst in it, there will be nothing like the level of Vodka, or some recent stories.

At the moment I have NO idea how long it will be, could be 2K or 20K, even 200K (although I doubt that).  The hardest part however,  will be keeping it  true to canon!

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