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Question of Priorities.. the answers

G. and I discussed at length what would have happened after the events in Q of P.  Not my favourite episode.. I think the beginning is twee  and I loathe that silly music. But the acting is superb, once you get past the start.
So, how did Alec find out about John’s death? How did Straker deal with it? And  how was the relationship between the two men affected by what  had happened.

G. and I are now collaborating on a story that, hopefully, will answer some of those questions. It’s not an easy story to do. I am fretting over every short phrase, every word. Mainly because I am doing it from Alec Freeman’s point of view and it doesn’t flow as naturally as I would like it to go.

Sometimes, as with  ‘Something to Share’ or even ‘Shepherd’ the story simply pours out and needs little  in the way of major overhauling afterwards ( apart from the usual tweaking/editing/revisions etc that I always do.) Once it is ‘done’ and finalised  then I am usually happy to leave it alone. ( well, I did completely rewrite the FarSight trilogy and I am currently doing the same with  DarkMatters.. but that is a different situation altogether.. a major plot flaw – well should we say not so much a plot flaw, but the realisation that the main character was not acting  ‘in character’ as it were.)

But this story is sooooooooo  much harder!  I just hope it works out. If it does it will be utterly fabulous. Not because it will be a superb story ( which I hope it will also be!) but because it is something I have never attempted before, never dared to try and that, after all, is the whole purpose of writing. To push the boundaries and see what happens.

And for Christmas I got three books. ( well , a lot more than three books! ) but these are books on developing writing skills. So, one of my New Year’s resolutions is going to be planning that story.    38,Windermere Close.  (working title)   It will be  interesting to look back in a year’s time and see just how far I have got with it. ..planning only.. No intention of actually starting to write it..yet!

I have ten UFO stories still waiting to be finished/written as well.

oh heck.



I am going to be in SOOOOO much trouble!! Christmas Round Robin came into my head and refused to disappear until I had written it, with the aid of a large whisky. Well, I can’t always write serious stories. sometimes the .. errr….. mischievous side of me comes out.
And I have to write one from Alec and also from Paul. I might just give Ed Straker a miss. I really don’t think he would appreciate it if I wrote one for him.!


Holidays at last.

So, Christmas holidays here at last.. and so is the snow.. Wonderful to wake up this morning to at least three inches  that had fallen overnight.  I finally finished FarSight last night. Up and posted  for the last time. Now I can get on with everything else. Hopefully. I’ve done a LOTof writing in the last year… and there is still  more to do.  It never fails to astound me how attached I get to a story.. Shepherd, for example, was soooo hard to get started and then simply took off.
It  ‘stalled’ for a short time while I completed the AO3 Yuletide Challenge, and now I am busy doing the Forum Challenge, but Shepherd is still bubbling away on the back burner.., with three chapters waiting to be edited and posted after Christmas. I think it might turn out to be a lot longer than I had planned!! Hell, I LOVE writing!



Final version now up.
And I WON’T do any more alterations to it.
( yeah, right….!)

FarSight 2 in editing mode and 3 in rewrite….

(I am a glutton  for punishment    🙂   )



Damn. I have just re-edited Moonlight. Read through it last week and realised that it needed tweaking.. so its done. And now I need to post it again on AO3.. Rats.  oh well, at least I haven’t added it to the Library! ..yet! 🙂


Big Smile!

Yes.. Christmas shopping finished.. well, nearly… well…. errrrrr .. still  quite a bit to do in fact, but the WORST is over.
And it’s the same ( I think!) with the stories!  Glitch, AfterMath, Breathless, now up in the Library and FarSight 3 now  in the process of being finished.
I am desperate to get some drawing/painting  done as well…….  I really miss it if I don’t get some ‘doodling’ done on a regular basis! I know exactly what I want to do, it’s just finding the time!
Returning to work on Monday.. so I might ( if it is quiet!) get some ‘Art Therapy’ done!

And I still have to do  more of the Forum December challenge….. ( that will be short though!)



It’s been an interesting few weeks.  Spending time at home has given me the chance to really think about where I want to go with my writing. Over the last three months I have made more progress than I would ever have thought possible, and although I know that there is still a long way to go before I fee I will be able to  tackle some of the ‘thornier’ topics, I have,  I hope, managed to confine myself to stories that are not only ‘in character’ but also true to canon.  And  I have had my eyes opened to the finer nuances of body language. It is really fascinating to watch an episode such as ‘Computer Affair’ and really see   what is happening. That moment when Ed Straker puts his head in his hands… tells you more than any amount of words could ever do.

I have never boasted about my writing abilities, or claimed to be better than anyone else… . ( I don’t think anyone ever should, unless of course they are Stephen King!) but I am pleased with the way my skills have developed, and I think that I have a pretty reasonable level of competency!  Feel free to disagree… ! it doesn’t bother me at all.  I enjoy writing, and  I hope that my stories do justice to the UFO world as envisaged by Gerry Anderson and the various actors who portrayed his vision.  So, my sincere thanks to  Mr Bishop, for his  superb  depiction of Cmdr Straker. I hope I do him justice in my stories.


Snow. I love it

Snow today. And of course the country closes down.  I have got my idea for the Forum Christmas challenge, and after considerable thought, I am going to redo ‘Artemis’ to be the final story in the Moonlight and Vodka trilogy. (Dimitri Leonov)  It will fit very well there, as long as I can  get some reference to vodka into the story! It will have to keep the same title though as Artemis is important.
FarSight is still being redone.. I think I have got it working  and then something happens to make me realise that it has to be changed yet again.
Once that is complete, and Artemis is out of the way I can do Dark Matters. Shepherd.. well, that is an ongoing project. I don’t want to rush it…. there is too much in it that needs to be developed.
And I drew yesterday. A picture for FarSight.  If I get back to work before Christmas and don’t have a lot to do, then I will do the sketch that Helen drew in Herculaneum.

so; Story wise that is; FarSight, Artemis, Yuletide Challenge, Christmas Challenge, and not in that order!  oooooooooooooops .! Rather a lot!

Challenges 24/11/2010

Fool that I am, I signed up for a Yuletide challenge, so I am now busy writing a short, one-off story. As well as the Christmas Forum one, The Shepherd, the January Challenge and also re-editing the entire  FarSight Trilogy. THEN; I can get on and rewrite Dark Matters as it needs to be written.  Very very seriously.

Glitch in the Machine is going up, slowly. For  some reason the  formatting breaks down everytime  I post a new chapter, which is very annoying!

Art work? Nothing new I am afraid. Although I do have some in hand.
Things have been rather hectic here  and I am only just now getting on top of them ( I hope!)
And maybe one day I will post my thoughts on writing The Shepherd.


Captain Scarlet

A complete change of story for me today. I had had this idea floating around in my tiny brain for a while and decided to set it free today.  Slash. Gentle, slash. but slash all the same.
A Slash of Red.  Under ‘Random Stories’     I might even try out some of my original fiction there as well.


okay.. what happened?

I usually get between 40 and 50 visits to this site each day,  an average this month of 53 ( see.. I AM anal about  numbers!)  So  I logged on, went to ‘statistics’ and .. today   (and its still counting..US is behind us here in UK) 239 visits. !

Well that threw my calculations.
So.. was there a rumour that I had put up some salacious sex pic? No.. sorry , not here.

Perhaps someone just kept pressing the wrong button!!   Whatever, it is  … interesting.

AfterMath; next chapter up.

When I logged on and checked yesterday’s addition I had the horrendous feeling that I had actually made a mistake and posted the end! That comes of posting a story I wrote AGES ago!   Nearly gave me a conniption ( as the phrase goes!)  but it is fine.. I had forgotten the repetition that went at that part!.

But nearly there now.! It has been fun posting it in chapters.. !


The Shepherd .. progress to date!

I spent yesterday on a chair, leg up on a pillow…. phlebitis is not funny! But it gave me a chance to write. So I cracked on with The Shepherd, editing, tweaking., and adding a new chapter. I take my writing very seriously, and even now I am redoing litttle sections from the chapters I have already posted on the forum. You might not notice the changes, but I do!  And the ‘real’ version will be going up here at some  stage.

That is the great thing about the forum, having the chance to edit, redraft, discuss the stories that you are currently working on. I spent some time yesterday helping a fellow writer research train journeys…. and the practicalities of getting from one place to another!  Unfortunately I am a control freak when it comes to little details and I  nit-pick over things endlessly!!

Anyway, The Shepherd is coming along quite nicely now, especially as I have had some input from a person who works in a Shelter ( Thanks KMO!) although hers is very different from the one in the story.  (But I based Rebecca on you!) And, most importantly, I feel that I have now got the right ‘handle’ on Straker.. he is, hopefully, acting totally in character. ( if anyone in that situation can be expected to act in character!)

Two more weeks off work still…. and not sure when I will be back, mabe not before Christmas…    I  might get the chance  to do that  painting of a certain someone!


warning!! 😉

If you are following AfterMath, be warned. Tomorrow’s chapter is short. Very very short. Like this post.



Yes, I have posted the next chapter.. and it contains a lot of bad language! So be warned! Only about 8 more chapters to go, one of which is very short and a couple are much longer, so I might divide them..
It was never intended to be in chapters, which makes it difficult to post in this way!


new phone, new chapter

Being off work really really throws me! I cannot for the life of me remember whether I updated AfterMath yesterday or not. So if I didn’t, my sincere apologies! I usually do it at work, before I start the day, but as I am off, and will be for the next few weeks I lost track of the chapters!
Anyway, its up again today. and when that story is complete I might start posting The Master



My phone doesn’t work.  Blank screen..  Nothing happens when I press buttons. Frustration level 5+ (I’m not ‘welded at the hip’ to my phone!)

And it is the same with my mind. Nothing happening there either. I need to do the next part of The Shepherd.. and ..blank…. it’s as if the screen has gone in my imagination!  I know exactly what I want to do, but somehow the words won’t appear.
Frustration level 12+ Gives you some idea of how important writing is to me at the moment!!

So I will sit here and try to write.. …..probably unsuccessfully. It’s not as if I can go into town and buy a new idea..! ( unlike a new phone!) but I’ll get there…eventually.



I hate writer’s block


AfterMath alterations!

AfterMath; This story never had any chapters when I wrote it. It was all based on dates ; a new date, a new ‘section’ . But the sections are pretty substantial in places so I have put chapter breaks in. The dates are still the important aspect of the story.! You need to keep track of them!
And there will, no doubt, be someone out there already saying…’ but that wouldn’t happen… That is not scientific.. ‘  etc.

Remember one fact;

It is Sci-fi!   ROTFLMAO!!
and unfortunately  I can’t add my favourite smilie to this post!      🙁


No sun, no dawn, no dusk, November.

Back to work tomorrow. Well it should have been back to work today,  but  I was   ,……. lets just say the past conspired against me and raised its ugly head once more. So I ended up back at home instead of doing Child Protection Level One training. I did a little bit of frivolous writing.   Not much,  in fact not much at all!  and watched a couple of DVDs.. And relaxed!  and now I need to do some serious writing!    And if a certain person is reading this.. get that appointment with Zoe..!!!


Question of Priorities

It’s amazing what you can find sometimes.! Rooting through the detritus in my documents I came across a poem that I played around with simply AGES ago.  And then completely forgot!  So, as I knew it would be consigned to the recycle bin at some stage if I didn’t do something with it , I posted it on the forum for comments  and suggestions. Guina provided the ‘additional punctuation’ that was needed! (many thanks!!) and so I have added it to the Poetry page.
It does make me wonder what else is lurking in the depths of my hard drive and assorted memory sticks!! ( oh and in the pages of the various notebooks I have used to scrawl my ideas!)
So,..on to rewrite Dark Matters … with many thanks toRHO for her invaluable contribution last night!


Moonlight ( and Roses?)

No roses unfortunately, but Moonlight is now fully posted.  I now have to edit AfterMath and hopefully start posting that sometime soon.  I do have The Master to post as well, but that is more.. ‘frivolous’ so it can wait! Oh, and Glitch in the Machine, and possibly the  Dark Matters Trilogy  if I ever get round to rewriting it! ( A massive task and one I am not really looking forward to doing!)


Fanderson 2010

Well, after months of waiting it finally happened. Fanderson TV21 . A great event.
And I am back home now and thinking about saving up for the next one! There really wasn’t enough time to do everything I wanted to do, and some events overlapped so I missed them.  I hadn’t set out with the intention of getting any autographs, but after listening to David Graham I simply had to have his..and he signed my sketch of Parker! Even made a very nice comment about the picture! Shane Rimmer signed a sketch of Scott Tracy and Stephen Baxter , the Sci-fi writer signed Symphony angel! So I am now an autograph collector!
Gerry Anderson looked……. frail. and sounded, well, frankly , bitter about his experiences, which was a shame. The highlight for me was Alan Shubrooks talk on UFO special Effects..  Simply incredible. I now know how they launched Sky 1, how they made the underwater scenes, how they got a UFO to spin, and how big Moonbase was! Fantastic talk, incredibly well illustrated and informative as well as being entertaining.
Seeing Identified in HD on a HUGE screen was super!
It was a fabulous weekend, very very busy, very informative and something I wish I had done years ago!


‘The Master’, my reply to the Hallowe’en challenge is now finished. At last. It went off in its own direction and in a way I am glad it is completed . It started out as bit of fun, morphed into a rather dark and introverted look at Life the Universe and Everything and ended up  sorting out Ed Straker’s future.
But last night I was busy ironing transfers onto t-shirts and trying to frame some pictures. I can’t frame them properly. They have to be maximum A4 and any decent frames at that size would be too large. But I’ve done them, and I just hope they don’t look too amateurish when I put them up. There again, they are amateur pieces. I never pretend to be anything other than a mere dabbler in drawing.
I have my timetable for the trains, I have the route from the station to the hotel,  a book to read, my clothes ready.
Just hope I don’t have time to read! And maybe I will finally work out my story for the November challenge!



Only two more chapters to post. Then I might do the same with Moonlight, post it one chapter at a time. I’ll see what, if any, response I get from Breathless. and I finally bought the Breath of a Dragon earcuff as my treat to myself for Breathless. It’s .. unusual, and a very nice reminder of my first foray into serious NFanFic.
My Roman story has been.. sidelined for now. ‘The Master’ has taken over and although it got off to a good start, I am now stuck. I always used to laugh when people said that a story wasn’t doing what they wanted it to do. Now I understand.
Rats. Well, I hope to get it back on track shortly. The first part is .. innocuous, really, nothing too unpleasant, but the second half could get exceptionally nasty. Depends on how the person who is going to be writing the story actually feels about it! ..there… got you thinking haven’t I?

So who IS going to be writing Part 2?

Wait and see.


Well , while I was busy writing last night (The Master, part 1) someone else was busy as well, labouring away to produce a different kind of masterpiece!
8 lbs 9 oz  Emma Louise, welcome!  and thank you Elizabeth and Paul.


Breathless. First Part ( Moonlight) now complete

Well that is the first five chapters posted. It gets extremely unpleasant in places after this. No sex. But violent. So be warned. And there  is a follow-up story for afterwards.
But, this weekend I am going to be busy finishing a baby blanket ( how prosaic!.. baby blankets and graphic violence !), and then planning out my next story.. involving.. well.. it’s all AnDelenDir’s fault … again. Pompeii. No.. not as in the FarSight trilogy. Pompeii as in.. volcanoes, eruptions and Romans. I have NO idea if it will even get off the planning stage. but it will be fun having a go!

aut viam inveniam aut faciam
(I will either find a way or make one!)


Moonlight and …

Nearly finished… I do hate this point in a story, when you are down to the last chapter and it all slows down.  i have posted Castled under The Rachel Chronicles. Only a few more of her stories to do now I think. Aftermath probably to be posted next.
Unfortunately I simply haven’t had the time to do any drawing recently. And I miss it!   I want to do a sketch  of Dimitri for Moonlight! And I still have to organise the sketches to take to Bristol! And i have knitting to do! ( makes me feel old! sitting there knittting..and I could be writing more NfanFic stories!
Breathless;  up in a fortnight if not earlier!  Oh yes,.. and Glitch needs to be posted! I will have to spend a couple of days getting all the completed stories organised and posted!


Finished, my first NFanFic story

Well, Breathless is complete. Apart from minor tweaking that is. A very dark and serious story, with some scenes of really graphic violence.
Not done anything like that before.
I will post it   under UFO fiction later this week. But it is only for 18+ ages .

The frightening thing is that I am now doing the follow up to Breathless, called Moonlight. Not adult, but a difficult story to write as it involves a more psychological viewpoint.
And there is the  Halloween challenge, the November Challenge and the Christmas story still to do.
I sat and worked out  the different stuff I have still to write.
Too many stories.
Not enough time.

And no time to draw either. I still have to choose four pieces to display at the convention as well as get all the others ready  to take down! Not taking any of my versions of Mike Trim’s work as he will be displaying his own stuff! Wow!


Breathless.. nearly finished

Well it’s done. The really really serious scene.
And it scared the shit out of me when I was doing it.  I have never done anything like this before. I though the scene in Glitch in the Machine was hard, but this has been… really scary. I was concerned that it might appear frivolous, or OTT, or simply ludicrous. But my beta-reader approves. So  here is a snippet;

You won’t enjoy it.. But you are not supposed to .

Water poured onto the cloth, poured onto it, saturated it, drenched it, dribbled through, then suddenly it was flooding through, filling his mouth, his nose, a torrent that invaded  his throat, filling every passageway. He choked, tried to swallow then retched, gagged, blood pounding in his ears, the absolute terror of drowning, of choking, filling him, consuming him. And, despite all his resolve, despite all his tenacity he tried to  scream. But he could not, could not call out, could not answer as the water continued to  pour into his mouth, into his nose, into his throat, gushing, gurgling, engulfing him. He felt his stomach react, felt vomit filling  his throat, acid and burning against the coldness of the icy water deep in his throat.


Happy birthday to me.. happy birthday to me…. and so on!

And I am at work.  BUT!  I now know how I am going to tackle the next part of Breathless… and I also planned the really adult section to my Thunderbirds Hallowe’en story that I will post towards the end of October. Very graphic and…. chilling.
So, if I have a quiet morning, then I am going to get all my paperwork up to date  and then do some display stuff for the classroom.. (yeah, right,  I can hear you thinking!)

(And Fanderson also wished me Happy Birthday!! )


Break Time

For some silly reason this page is playing silly buggers again. so .. I  have cheated and given up trying to type in the blog post space.
Just a short note.. for anyone interested.

Break Time is now up on The Rachel Chronicles.

I am going to post everything else over the next  couple of weeks.. far too many stories hanging around waiting to be posted in various sites. I am all confused!!

And I can’t find the Author’s notes for Break Time… RATS!
So I will post them when they turn up!  Off to draw. (Big smile here !)



Did you know that it takes about 168 seconds to fall 30,000 feet? Well neither did  I.. and I bet there is someone out there about to contact me to tell me I am wrong…!
Great fun researching Halo jumps.
The serious torture scene still has to be written though.. croap.*(Frog swearing again!)

It’s been a busy and stressful week.. writing some very difficult scenes for Breathless, discovering that the Forum is playing silly buggers again and then having to deal with people who really don’t understand how I operate at work.
If you were a child in hospital for a couple of days, would YOU really want to do pages of maths, or have a Science test or do Comprehension? Neither would I.
and OFSTED are more than happy (I got a Good from them!)  with the way I do things. but.. oh no. Some people want to see children doing SUMS!

Art, Design Technology, PSHE, ICT.. these are not seen as ‘education.’

But, I’ll stick to my guns. I know I am right. But.. it is very difficult at times!!

So. I am going to treat myself and do some drawing. Guina’s snapshot that she sent me earlier. Hope I can do it justice.


Moonlight. Vodka. Torture.

So, finally it is up and running.. The September challenge story. A new boundary to cross. I’ve d0n my first ‘sex’ scene, now its the first really graphically violent story.  Hmmm.
A little bit daunting, especially as I have only touched briefly on such aspects before in Surrendered and FarSight.. ( and Dark Matters, but that hasn’t been posted yet.. hasn’t been finished yet either! ooops!)

That is the title. Hope it works out.

And hopefully this site will be linked on the ISOSHADO site soon. so if there are any Isoshado members reading this?? hello!


Withdrawal Symptoms.

September 6th. Get to work. Turn on computer. No forum…… error message. Nothing I do gets it to load. so … eventually (when it is time to start work,) I give up.  Cold turkey.
but, then Matt tells me its not just me. So I start to relax.
But; work today. Turn on computer,, etc.. emails.. Matt. where am I ? I am off the forum!!
But it’s all okay. Phew.
so I spend my free time today completing the TB Challenge story. Chilling? well, let me tell you, it gives ME nightmares – and I wrote it!
So, I am proof-reading it. and then .. it will be sent to the Tracy Island Writer’s Forum.  and then I can get on with the dratted Moonlight and Vodka story.
Bet they HATE it at TIWF.  (snigger snigger!) I won’t be able to post it until Oct 22nd.. and I will be away that day.. on the way toBristol! so if you are desperate to read it..  tough. Wait until Oct 25th.


September 1st

Back to work. Back to Blackpool.

And no computer, no internet.

Oh well, it will be better tomorrow when I have an hour or more to do my own thing before I start work. I need to do the next part of DM3, and then crack on with Guina’s September Challenge. I am also (very daringly!) going to have a go at the Tracy Island Writers Hallowe’n Challenge. Got a great idea for a story…. but whether I can get it done in time is another matter. We’ll see!
So three stories on the go at once..YEAH! and stil have to do the sketch of Bill Johnson aka Shane Rimmer for the convention!


Glitch….. extract.

So, for those of you who are curious…… and i know there are some out there!..(and I know who you are!)  an extract from Glitch in the Machine.
Usual disclaimers apply, etc etc, Copyright LtCdr. Aug 2010

(Oh yes…..interspecies sex  involved.)

Still. Absolutely still. He breathed shallow, silent breaths, listening, his senses stretched to their limits as he strove to recognise what it was that had broken his sleep. And then a voice, a rich, dark voice spoke.

Ed.’ It was Gritch, but at the same time it was not. A deeper voice,  a feminine voice, and close to his ear. He turned his head, perplexed.

She was lying next to him. The light from a full moon casting a sliver glow over the scene.

Ebony scales, silver fronds and silver talons. But she was no longer a delicate dragonet. Lying  alongside him she was longer than he was tall, her tail stretched out into the sand beyond his feet. He remained very still, waiting. She placed one clawed forefoot lightly, so very very lightly on his chest, the scales warm and dry and very  tantalising on his bare skin.

He backed away, almost instinctively, and she flinched.

‘Ed? what’s wrong?’

He sat up, hands wrapped around his knees as if to hide his body from her. ‘Nothing, there’s nothing the matter. I wasn’t expecting…. I hadn’t..’ he faltered, unsure how to continue.

‘Hadn’t expected this?’ she lifted one clawed limb, ‘hadn’t expected, or perhaps hadn’t wanted?’

He looked at her.

‘You’re very perceptive for a dragon.’ He told her softly but he  relaxed slightly, his fingers loosening their tight clasp, his back straightening up. He stared out at the sea, starlight shining in his eyes.

‘I’m a dragon Ed. And yet I am more than that. Our species has more in common with the human race than you might initially think.’ She blinked her huge eyes slowly. ‘I shall be honest. I desire you. Who wouldn’t desire you. And we would be good together I think.’ She paused, and laid one  talon lightly on his shoulder. ‘But you seem perturbed by my presence. I shall go  if you wish.’

He could hear the disappointment in her voice. The regret, the uncertainty.

‘Don’t.’ His voice was  almost a whisper, ‘Please stay.’

The stars continued on their paths, the water rippled out to low tide, and he sat and thought, her talon  still on his shoulder, his eyes bright with more than starlight. Bright with regrets of his own.

He had never expected this outcome. A week of warm sun, of swimming, relaxing, talking to an old acquaintance. Thanking her for her help in the past. That was all that  he had expected to happen.  Not this. The thought thrilled him but also terrified him. What would he be letting himself in for? Disappointment? He had had enough of that in the past, and sometimes it was better to simply keep emotions at bay, locked behind the stern  face and cold exterior that he had successfully, and painfully, acquired  over the years.

Her claw moved down his arm to his elbow, to where she had rested her head earlier that day, that perfect dragon head, so delicate, so small, so undemanding.

‘Ed?’ such a sad voice now, so full of sadness, of longing, and he could not bear it. He turned to her, grasped her foreleg, the silver talons sharp against his fingers.  His  eyes searched her face, her jewel-like dragon eyes staring at him questioningly, begging  him to caress her, to touch her. And he placed one finger gently on those  lips as she started to speak again.

‘Shh.’ He whispered and leaning forward he allowed his lips to touch her flickering tongue gently, delicately, a butterfly kiss, tenuous and fleeting. She tasted of sunshine and the faintest, lightest  tang of salt. He pulled back, breathing deeply, wondering at his own temerity, at his foolishness. There was a tiny tear glittering  on the scales of her cheek, and he brushed it away with one finger, before gently framing her face with his hands as he leaned in to taste her again. A longer contact this time, his fingers moving through the silver fronds of her mane to pull her closer, to deepen the kiss and let her explore his lips, his mouth as well.

She sighed with contentment, with pleasure as his hands moved down, over her  body,  down her forelegs, sliding over the smooth, warm skin. And then, almost hesitantly he pulled her closer and, holding her in his arms, lay down. She curled up beside him,her forefoot now on his chest, idly playing with the blond hairs. One silver talon carefully, randomly, idled down his torso to his navel, and the fine tracery of hair that started there.  His skin shivered involuntarily and she paused, then simply bent over, kissed him once more, to reassure him, her tongue licking his skin as if to taste him before continuing  her exploration of his body.

He lay still as if  unsure how to react, how to respond, but her touch, the closeness of her body, the scent of sunlight, the incredible sensation of that single sharp digit etching its line down his skin conspired to reawaken his desires, his need, his wanting. And he responded to her caress with his own touch,  his own lips and hands  and fingers bringing her fully to life.

She coiled around him, her long sinuous body  writhing against him, tangled mane of hair against his chest, against his face, his body, her limbs seemingly everywhere.

He clung to her, his senses almost overwhelmed by her caresses, her touch, her sheer  joyous delight in his stirring response to her. And finally, when his whole body shouted for release, when he could no longer bear the delicious torment of her touch, her mouth, her lips against a body  that had not been kissed or loved or aroused  for so long, he joined his body to hers to cling to her, shuddering as ecstasy swept  through them both.

He lay there for a long time, simply content to hold her, to run his hands down her spine, over the silken scales, through the tangled and sweaty silvered fronds, relishing the feeling of blissful exhaustion.

She in turn lay still, entwined around him, her forelimbs, motionless now and resting on his chest, feeling his heartbeat, the movement as  he breathed. And so, she fell asleep, safe, loved, satisfied.

And so  he too, slept.



Glitch in the Machine
Well, to celebrate my writing ‘first’ (the sex scene … and interspecies at that!!) I have decided to treat myself to a commemorative piece of jewellery.. two pieces in fact! a Dragon Ear wrap and a Dragon bracelet. Quite appropriate in fact. I just hope they look good. I’ll let you know! So. even if I don’t wear the Ear Wrap, it can sit on my desk with the other ‘bits’ that are important.. the glass ball (with bubbles!.. thanks KMO!) and other odds and sods.

I am so pleased with the final result of the sex could have been SO tacky, and SO trite, but I think it finally worked out alright. I am going to try a really intense sex scene next. the full thing. NFanFic. .. well… it is the next step, and once its done then I can put it behind me and stop worrying about writing that sort of thing!

Violence is one thing.. sex is something else entirely!
So, thank you to my beta reader  who helped and encouraged me.
(and didn’t laugh)


Sex and the city

Well, not sex and the city. But I wrote my first ‘nearly’ adult scene today. not easy. especially as it involved a character called Magritchlinasary.  But, I think it worked out alright. But it is tasteful and I am pleased with it. The next story will be a no-holds barred NfanFic. Moonlight and Vodka Definitely not for the faint-hearted.  Can’t wait to start!


Identified .. contd some more; The Alternative version!

179. INTStraker’s office (HQ)

Straker behind desk (seated), Freeman by door. Foster in front of desk

STRAKER: (thoughtfully , fingers steepled) It’s been a test for you Foster. You followed a predictable set of clues. You’ve shown a certain initiative, but basically it was an inevitable conclusion that led you to the studio. And now……

FOSTER; (worriedly) What happens now?

STRAKER; You realise we can never let you go free. You know too much. Besides which. SHADO rule 43a states that we are absolutely forbidden to recruit anyone with sideburns like those. Sorry. (pulls out a gun and shoots Foster dead)

FREEMAN; He could have shaved them off you know.

STRAKER; (thoughtfully). Oh. I never thought of that. Shit.  Too late now.

Well, I like the idea!
Spent the last few days frantically sorting out stories that need to be completed – unsuccessfully though. But, I got The Rho Factor planned.. up to a point. Tried drawing, but the thought of imminent work (Sept 1st) fills me with horror! so I couldn’t concentrate. I did however organise the pictures that I shall be putting into the Local Show on Sept 4th.


Identified… contd. (Sniggering here)

131; Sound Stage 4. Int.

Foster runs towards the door

Close up; Straker presses a button on the panel

Close up; the bolt on the door locks

Foster turns and faces Straker, his hands flat against the door, panic-struck

Straker moves towards him, menacingly, holding the gun.

Straker stands, and aims the gun at Foster.

Pulls the trigger. Two loud bangs. (Sound FX)

Foster falls.

STRAKER; Oh Shit….. Real bullets.. Bugger.

Straker (looking perplexed) Tugs jacket straight, shrugs shoulders, walks away, shaking head.

Anyway, on a  more serious note. The Space Scientist sketch seems to have worked out okay. Drat. That means I’ll have to put her in a story. Oh it’s such a hard life (sniggering again, madly!)


Drat. Four stories to be either completed or re-edited. Dark Matter 1, 2 and 3. And Glitch in the machine. DM1 and 2 really need redoing to correct some silly mistakes and make the story line better (I would say more plausible, but its sci-fi…plausibility isn’t really a factor in  these stories!)   Glitch was doing okay, but I could  see that it was going to end up neither one thing or another, not a comedy, which is what I had originally intended, nor a serious angst-ridden tale of woe , which it was developing into!
So.. it’s for the serious re-edit.
Great. (insert sarcastic smile here! )
At least I managed to do a little bit of drawing again. Gosh I have missed doing sketching. it’s very therapeutic and calming.Even if I’m not that good!
Anyway, here’s the start of the latest. No, not a UFO character, this is the Space Scientist who helped me with Geostationary (both of them) and also gave advice on loads of  other  aspects of astronomy (inc. time travel, wormholes, decompression, weightlessness, radiation, far side of the Moon, NASA Shuttes etc !  If the final pic works out okay, I’ll post it here and then do a story staring her! I’ll have to call it something like; The Rho Factor. (She’ll understand)
I am still working on the picture of Rachel. I might get it finished before she marries Ed!


Computer Affair; the scriptwriter’s revenge

Computer Affair


Freeman looks down to study an aerial photograph.

FREEMAN; Right, …….send it in.

ELLIS; Which one sir?

FREEMAN; ( Measured) The one in the best position…… Standard Procedure.

He has spelt it out and Ellis knows what he means as FREEMAN looks hard at her.

ELLIS; (Under breath) Eeny, meeny, miny, mo…….

Something dark and unpleasant


Well, after the lightheartedness of Identified, I have done Finality.  A short story, dark  and sombre, but it popped into my head and needed to be written down. You can find it under UFO stories. Stand alone.. and if you read it you’ll understand why.

And, yes, I should have been knitting!  But I will do that tonight!… unless………..!

Anyone out there desperate to read the next part of the adapted UFO scripts… tough! You’ll have to wait!


Dark Matters, dark thoughts…!

I got five pictures off in the post. Now it’s late and I am redrafting Dark Matters 2.  I managed to print it off and, having read through the ‘hard copy’ I have noticed those areas that need either developing or editing. I also managed to plan out the remains of story number 2… and I came up with a GREAT sub plot  for Hammond.  But that will come at the very end ( the very very end)  of Dark Matters 3; Discovery.

I might have to re-do some of Dark Matters 1 later.. not sure.  I’m doing pretty well considering that I rewrote FarSight at least three times! And I am thinking about redoing  AfterMath before I post it on my site. (Anal retentive… that’s me!)

Glitch… I had planned to have the whole story revolve around Alec ,Paul and Virginia, but it was boring ( to write, I mean…if you are a Ginny fan you probably would have found it funny!) so I have gone for the alternative… sea, sun, sand, sex. and Straker.  Oh yes. And a thirty foot dragon in black and silver. Sorry….not Nfic stuff (adult) I haven’t got the courage to write that ..yet! It’s all Dragon’s fault!

So today has been productive and satisfying and relaxing. What more could a girl want?
Well…six (or even five) hours sleep would be nice.


Holidays.. all five weeks!

Yes, you are all thinking.. It’s not fair.. five weeks holiday..
Tough! I’m not giving them up, for anyone!! 🙂
Anyway, I finished the sketches for Richard, and did one for Fran ( Scott). Scott is under Art (Rescued) at the bottom of the page.
And so what am I going to do for the next few weeks?
Obvious; Write, Draw, Relax. What else.
I need to finish Dark Matters 2 and  also Glitch in the Machine…. which took on a life of its own last night and will now need to be virtually rewritten to include a thirty foot black  and  silver chinese dragon.
Not sure if it has wings or not.
And I want to do some art work for the Show in September.. I really fancy redoing Sunbathing.. Hmmmmm! 😉


Sisters and sketches

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s  going to be one of those days? well, one of those weekends actually. It has been. Gee, thanks a bunch Margaret.
Well, that’s my gripe over and done with.
No point in crying over lost memories.
Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. and connections.

So.. who is next in line to be drawn?   I tried Virgil last week for Richard, but I couldn’t get his eyes right.I’d probably have been quite happy with the way they looked if it was just to put in my folder, but if I am sending a picture to someone else then it has to be as good as I think I can get it. I am STILL working on Gay Ellis walking down the corridor in Moonbase.. Every time I do her, it looks wrong!
And I want to do Scott Tracy for Fran, then Ed.. with really  long hair and a centre parting for Dragon (and me!)
And at some stage, before October I want to do Bill Johnson from ‘Identified’ ( Shane Rimmer in sunglasses)
I’m open to requests. As long as it’s not Anal (sorry!) Alan Tracy. (even though his eyes are easy to do!)

oh, yes.. I’m feeling fragile at the moment, so , be gentle.


New Pictures finally up

Brains and Parker are on the Art page, under Thunderbirds…  at the bottom. I’m running out of space now.
Dark Matters 1 finished (initial version anyway!)
Part 2 now started.
Six week holiday begins July 23rd. After a summer last year where I managed to get away for only four nights, I intend having a restful, relaxing holiday this year…plenty of reading, writing and drawing!
It’s been a hell of a year in more ways than one.
I have to draw Symphony and Virgil for Richard, and Scott for Fran, but I will leave those until the weekends, or mornings.  Too tired to do them properly at night.!
And yes, to those who scoff at my job! I may not work long hours, or very hard at times, but I’ve worked bloody hard in the past.
And sometimes people  conveniently forget that.


Brains, Parker and Dark Matters

I started Dark Matters and ended up deleting it from the Shado Writers’ Forum . It started to go very wrong and I realised that I was simply trying too hard to do a story that I wasn’t really comfortable with. I know the style of writing that I enjoy most, and trying to do another style really didn’t work.

So it’s back to the complicated, angst-ridden blood and violence stuff.. a la FarSight, Betrayal, Surrendered, Valentine’s Kiss, Break Time (ooopps that one’s not out yet is it? or is it? AfterMath certainly isn’t and that is REALLY angst-ridden!) etc.  So I started again. I’ll get there. Eventually!

I also had some issues with characters not doing as they should. POTUS was being a prat, as was Colonel Lake, who was also being completely irresponsible and would have been court-martialled for dereliction of duty, had I not deleted the story! All sorted out now though.. I hope! This is one problem with posting as one writes. Even the best planned stories can end up being a hopeless mess! At least I didn’t put it up on FanFiction!

A couple of quiet days, and I was looking for pictures of Virgil and Symphony Angel (not together!) to draw for Richard, when I spotted Brains and  Parker.  The Virgil pic and Symphony pic will take some time to do (I can’t rush them as they are for someone else!), but I had a spare hour on Thursday , so did Parker.. fabulous eyebrows to draw! and then on Friday, Brains, in charcoal.,. Loved doing his eyes. That’s why I enjoy doing Straker. It’s the eyes!
I will have to find a space to display them.. perhaps a separate Thunderbirds page under Art.. although I haven’t written a TB story for a while!


FarSight; Finished

FarSight finally posted. Lots of fun writing that story and I have cracked on with Dark Matter (the sequel).
Currently involved in drawing activities; Ed with  a beard and Colonel Lake with a beehive hairstyle. I won’t put that picture on line though!
Oh and I want to have a go at Jeff Tracy and the two guys who playe Scott and Alan in the Thunderbirds fanfilm .. check it out sometime on Youtube!


Missing Persons, Mike Trim and Moonmobiles

Missing Persons is now up on The Rachel Chronicle page. The next in the saga, but it’s a bit of an oddity! Don’t take it too seriously!  The challenge was to write a  story about a child in HQ, and this was my effort! Author’s notes at the end for additional information!
It was, as always, fun to do. I’ve stopped doing Thunderbirds for a while (TB fans will, no doubt, be delighted!) as I can’t summon up any enthusiasm … yet!
Football on TV. Sunny day so  I couldn’t write on the laptop in the garden so I drew my version of Mike Trim’s ‘Moonhopper’. I started to do it in pastels then realised that they were too thick to get the detail accurate, so I got out the acrylics and used paint.
It’s worked out quite well and I’ve put it in the Art section underneath the drawing of Skydiver.
I’m bust at the moment writing my contribution to the ‘Writer meets…’ challenge. It was called Ten Year Diary, but I’ve changed the title to  ‘Brief Encounters’ . And I have no idea how it is going to end!


Life, the Universe and Everything

It’s pretty weird this blogging thing you know. There you are, writing everything down in your diary  for years on end, keeping it hidden away, under lock and key, and then; BANG. blogging comes along and everything is out in the open. All your innermost thoughts (well nearly all ) for the world ( well the on-average 50 people who look at this site daily) to see.
So here are a few of my inner most thoughts.  Enjoy. Laugh. Snigger – if you want.
Writing; I enjoy doing this. If you don’t like my stuff, that’s fine.I really don’t mind. Honestly. I probably won’t like yours! ( Unless it’s about UFO or maybe Thunderbirds) But at least read some of it before you say it’s no good. At least read it.
Drawings; I’m not an artist. I never claim to be one. I enjoy doing sketches and if Idon’t like a picture I’ve done then I get rid of it.I don’t force people to look at my work, or buy it, or have it in their house. I’ll do one for you if you want me to. But. It thrills me when I’ve drawn Ed Straker and got the expression right, when Johnny Depp looks right out at me from the  paper, when a Moonmobile shines in the Lunar landscape. When Ed in his Georgian outfit smiles at me over his shoulder, when the tubing on a space suit curves  in the sunlight.  I can create something, something worth looking at ( well,I like looking at them!)
And if I choose to spend my time drawing, or writing then  it’s my choice.After all, I have worked hard enough in the past. I want, and need, to create a future for me. This is my chance to see what I can do as a person, not as somebody’s wife or somebody’s mother. ME.  And I’m not going to stop. Oh I may well slow down, once the first flush of enthusiasm is over ( However, I’ve been at this for a year and I’m getting more enthusiastic!) but I will continue. Maybe I’ll even try other genres! And I haven’t even started on the photography!
I am happy. I am content. I am doing something  I have wanted to do for more years that I can recall. So don’t spoil it for me. Please.
and if you want to email me I don’t mind.                            🙂


FarSight; Resignation

Well, it’s up. Posted under FarSight Trilogy. Damn. I hate posting stories … I like to tweak them and make changes and add bits…. but I am in the middle of ‘AfterMath’ now and I simply have too many stories cluttering up my head. So it’s up.


The Bodyguard; New Story

Blame ‘Dragon’. It’s all her fault. She set a challenge on the Shado Writers Guild and everyone seemed to jump in immediately!  Four cracking good stories almost by the end of the weekend!
I spent most of yesterday frantically writing ‘The Bodyguard’ and some of today proof-reading and picking up the bits I think needed changing.
It’s under Other UFO Stories.
Just a story that  had been hanging around in my head for a while, but when I came to write it, it wouldn’t end the way it should have ended. Hope you like it. (!)

Not sure that you will!  (sniggering here)


FarSight;Finished, Finally, Fortunately!

Well, the last bit done, typed and hopefully ready to proof-read, although as I have re-written the bit in Moonbase at the end at least five times, there may well be HUGE plot errors lurking in there. And I hope I have removed all references to events/people that need deleting, otherwise there will be some really perplexed readers! Still not sure how it will go down though, as I have been a bit brutal in this story. However, I do try to stay within the ‘bible’ of UFO and the aliens were known to be brutal and used mind control etc on several occasions.
The hardest part was the action scene in Moonbase at the end, but I’m afraid I cheated! If you read it (when I get round to posting it!) you’ll find out how I copped out!

A new picture today.. no title yet, but I’ll put it under Episodes 3. Straker.. I did it just because I wanted to have a go at the eyes again. And the shoulders aren’t right, but I tend not to bother with peripheries such as that when  I focus on one aspect. I have so much that needs doing at the moment – actual ‘work’ you know …. the thing that brings the money in at the end of the month!


FarSight; Resignation, Resistance, Recovery

I’ve written the last scenes for Recovery, and the scenes before that, but I am stuck in the middle. Ooops. It means I will have to go back to Resignation and Resistance and do some ‘tweaking’ to get things to flow smoothly.  It’s a good job I haven’t posted them already, as then I would be stuck! My main problem is Henderson…. and Fitzpatrick……  and… oh never mind. I’ll get it sorted out somehow.
And then there is the problem of what I am going to write once FarSight is completed. Combined Operations needs finishing; but it’s going to be a hard slog as it needs a lot of research to get the details accurate ( although as this is a science fiction story anything goes!!)
And A Matter of Degree needs the final chapter finishing off. But I am determined not to post these stories all at once. I am going to ration them. One a month. Then I will have one each month up until December. (and it gives me chance to ‘rewrite parts if I feel I can improve them!)
I have printed off my finished stories, and I’m going to  get them put into folders.  It may not be a thesis, or a dissertation, but as much work has gone into them! And, yes, I am proud of them. So I am off to Staples tomorrow to look at their folders etc.
One day, maybe, I’ll write a trashy chick-lit, but not right now. I’m off to torture Alan Tracy instead!
And will this blog give me two posts again as it has a tendency to do?
Let’s press the button and find out!


Virginia Lake; All finished!

Finally managed to finish Virginiaoff today! I always thought she had an ‘elfish’  look, but her face is very square and she has a strong jawline – oh yes ; and BIG hair! But a lot of the female characters had big hair on the programme – just as a lot of the men wore wigs – and eyeliner!
I’ve put her on  Art Work; Episodes 3 (another new page – sorry!) under The Long Sleep.
Hopefully working on a Moonmobile tonight!


Virginia Lake Sketch and a Virgil update

My first concern is whether this page will do its usual trick of putting up two blogs for the price of one.. It tends to give me a second ‘post’ each time i use it. It’s probably my fault …. 🙁

So, yesterday, with a work laptop at the very limit of its memory (I Gb) and over 300,000 words and about 1000 pics on it, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new one.
All singing /all dancing. and it will take me ages to get used to it…so don’t expect much in the way of stories or art for a while.

Having said that, I treated myself to a little bit of sketching this afternoon. Virginia Lake. Good eyes to do, nice mouth . Dreadful hair!
It’s coming on …slowly!
Virgil however…Well, wouldn’t you like to see THAT! ( and I’m not showing it either!) Maybe when I’m feeling very brave, very very brave!
I’ll put it up under an Easter Egg when its done – and give you a nod!


The Hood One Hour

The Hood – One Hour Story  up now!

This has been hanging around in my head for a while now, so I was quite glad to get the chance to put it down on paper. A fun piece…. don’t take it seriously….Please!
I’ll try to get a sketch to go with it…:-)


Virgil Tracy………… ongoing

I had it all planned out. The image in my head, the charcoals and pastels and heavy smooth cartridge paper in my bag. And then just as I set everything out, at 8.00 am, with ninety minutes of quiet drawing  time ahead of me, before I am technically due to start work;  what happens. A knock at the schoolroom door.
‘Please can we come now? ‘

So Virgil was hurriedly put at the back of the folder and I let them in – the girls that is. It’s hard enough being in hospital as a long-term patient, so if they  want to come and do extra ‘school-work’ – computer tasks, art, etc. who am I to stop them.

Except I didn’t get round to Virgil at all. Drat.

Perhaps tomorrow?
Although I did manage to write about   killing  an alien in the second part of FarSight, later in the day! So all was not wasted.30/03/2010

Blackpool; Crane smuggling capital of the world?

I drive to Blackpoolabout 195 times each year. (so you can probably guess what my job is). I set off at about the same time each morning, along the M55  – Shades of Highway 61 revisited. And pretty well every week, at some point on the motorway, I end up overtaking  a large crane.

You know the sort; six wheels down each side, in pairs, yellow flashing lights on top going about 50 mph – FOX or some other company printed down the side. And they all head for Blackpool. Fair enough.

But I never see them on the way home. Ever. Despite going home at different times each day, nothing.  Ever. And I’ve been working in Blackpool for nearly nine years ( they should award me a medal for long service!)

So what is happening to them? Where do they end up?
I have a theory. They are either smuggling them out, somehow, or they are driving them into the sea,  with some nefarious purpose in mind.

Maybe they are trying to build a new pier, from sunken cranes. I don’t know.All I know is that I overtook another one this morning.

How much is a crane like that worth anyway? Someone, somewhere is making a profit………

Come to sunnyBlackpool, and bring your crane with you.   🙂


Just Another Day

I wrote this story ( Just Another Day) some time ago and I’ve been waiting to put it on my site for a couple of months now. If/when you read it you’ll understand why I delayed ( I hope!). It was interesting to do but the hardest part was finding the Galactic Co-ordinates!! And then typing them up!
I’m going to get the rest of my completed stories Beta tested and then up here in the next couple of weeks. (Legacy, Castled, Betrayed,) Then I can concentrate on ‘Combined Operations’ and ‘A Matter of Degree’ as well as starting the Victorian story I have in mind!
Hopefully next week I will be able to ‘complete the set’ of pictures of the Thunderbirds boys. Just have Scott to do now. Then I might have a go at The Hood…. although I already have an idea for a One Hour story for him!
It’s tempting to do a sketch of  TinTIn – but I’m certainly not going to do Grandma!


A Question of Priorities

I finally got round to drawing Alec Freeman. At first I thought his face was very flat and uninteresting. His nose is very thin as are his lips and it looked to be a pretty boring face to draw. However, when I got started I was staggered to realise that he has the most fabulous eyes!  It was really great drawing them.I did him in 4H pencil which made the picture very faint. It hasn’t scanned very well either as I had to play around with the contrast and brightness before I posted the picture here.
This week I also worked on my ‘Rachel’ picture…ongoing – up to you now Katie! Do I have your approval to use it?
And while I was waiting for some inspiration for my new story ( Break Time) I had a go at drawing Peter Carlin. Hmmmm. You might not get to see that !


Just One Hour… Virgil Tracy

This story has been hanging around in my head for quite a while now. It can be found under Just One Hour Thunderbirds. I’m quite looking forward to doing an illustration for it as well!!

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Verified up now  and complete. I quite like the addition of pictures from the series. It breaks up the story and makes it easier to read it in ‘chunks’ as it were. I will now have to find suitable pics for some of the other stories; not the short ones, but certainly the longer – Separated etc.
I’m busy now trying to finish a couple of stories – one of them need quite a lot doing to it! And I have a new story on the back-burner…. but it keeps niggling away at me so I am going to indulge myself and write a bit more of that on tonight, or tomorrow!
I drew Captain Scarlet yesterday.. more as an experiment than for any wish to write a Spectrum story! I put the picture up on Fanderson, but I won’t put it on this site as it doesn’t really fit with Thunderbirds and UFO! I can’t think of any way to do a TB/CS/UFO crossover… but wouldn’t that be fun!  Although I don’t know if the CS fans would object … I’m being very very careful out there now!
I think I’ll go to the convention under a different name!!


Fans and FanFiction

It is the perogative of a woman to change her mind –  or have it changed for her! So, I’ve capitulated and decided to go to the Convention after all. If  I meet any of the Fanderson group who have been so supportive, I’ll buy you a drink!
Fourth part of Verified gone up tonight…. I’ll have to look for a photo for the next part.


Artist? Nah……

Well, I sent off my first ‘commission’ today. Gosh, I hadn’t realised how difficult it is to part with a piece of art work! Okay, its not a Van Gogh, or a Rothko ( I LIKE Rothko!) but I felt very ambivalent about sending it! Very pleased that someone might actually want it, but also very concerned that it might  not be up to the standard that they are expecting!
And, no, I haven’t got a scan of it saved so I can put it up on my site. It’s a private picture.  But I think Ed looked very good!
I need to do some illustrations for Verified as well, so that I can put them with each ‘chapter’ as it goes up. I may cheat for now and use snapshots from the series, but hopefully I will be able to replace those with drawings later.  And I wrote a thousand or so words for Break Time  today – I really enjoy it when a story runs away with me!


Plots and plans

Mother’s Day – and the ‘present’  theme this year was  ‘allotments’. so that’s what I’ll be doing at some stage – helping to prepare the allotment so that it can be rotavated and then we can plant veg.  We have plans for a shed, some fruit trees etc although I would be quite happy digging it all out and putting in a swimming pool or a hot tub!. The only problem being that you have to grow a certain percentage of veg etc on an allotment. You can’t use it just for flowers etc.
So that’s the plot, now for the plans…
And having finished Legacy, ( FUN to write.. But won’t be up online for a few months yet!) I suddenly realised that I had no new story line planned. Argh!  But that has all changed! and now I have  TWO stories to work on! One; Break Time – is that old chestnut – Time synch story – have started it and already having fun. The second story will be much harder to do and I’m going to have to do quite a bit of research for it, but that’s no bad thing. I really enjoyed doing  the research  for Surrendered and Redacted. So a bit of serious reading will do me good.

Added the next part of Verified today; Paul Foster….. !


Interceptor Picture

Started doing the drawing of Interceptors launching yesterday ( the drawing that is, not the launch!) and managed to get it pretty nearly completed. Someone emailed me asking if they could have an original of a picture like this. Well, I’m not an artist,and I’m extremely flattered that anyone would like one of my pieces. If that person reads this,and still likes the picture, (and the scan is better than the original!) then send me your address and I’ll send you the original. All I ask is that you donate the cost of postage to a children’s charity; preferably a Children’s hospice if you have one near you. Oh… and if you ever sell the picture on for several millions………….!!!


Verified Paul Foster story… first part up now

Paul Foster returns from Moonbase to explain his actions in allowing a UFO to enter Earth’s atmosphere. However, he is in for an unpleasant surprise when Shado security arrive at his apartment.
To be updated within the week. (when I get a picture for the next part!)



Well, I started Moonbase today. Easier than I had thought, although the perspective was difficult to get right as it is all in black/grey and white. I decided to fill the background in using graphitint pencils and then wash over it, but unfortunately it didn’t work out as smoothly or as evenly as I would have liked. I did scan it before I did the background however, so I shall be able to print it out and maybe do it again.
I’ll put it up, under Art work, probably under Episodes; Flight Path. I think


Mystery Statistics

Hmm. 463 visitors to this  site yesterday. An increase from the usual 70 to 80. Wonder why?
Anyway, my UFO story behaved itself today and positively begged me to write  some more. As it asked so nicely, I obliged, and got to Chapter 4 before work interrupted me. Drat.

I can feel another Lightcudder story coming on for poor Jeff Tracy and his sons. Oh Dear! I think Alan needs some Betnovate cream for that rash………..

If the UFO story (hopefully titled ‘Legacy’) lets me, I want to start doing my Moonbase drawing tonight. It isn’t going to be easy, but hey, if you don’t try, you’ll never find out!
I’ll update you on how it goes!


New Story, new picture

Started a new story today. It’s been hanging around in my head for a while, but wouldn’t co-operate ( you writers out there will understand!) . Eventually I beat it into submission and managed to get four thousand words out before it decided to have another temper tantrum. So it’s sitting there on the computer, and when it promises to behave itself, I’ll carry on with it!

And tonight I put the picture of Straker asleep in Moonbase, on the Art page, under Episodes.  I might have to split the Episodes page up into several different pages if I do a lot more! As there are 26 episodes I think it would be too much to trawl through all the pics to look at one specific drawing. It’s going to make this web site rather large though!

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me! Good to know you enjoy this site. And I won’t reply unless you specifically ask me to email you!


Parking Permits

I parked my car. Went to pay. and was told that I was not allowed to park because I was a member of staff.
I have a permit, I said.
You can’t have a permit, she said.
I do, I replied.
We don’t give permits for staff for here, she said.
I’m not staff, I answered.
But you work here?
Yes, I agreed, but I’m not staff and I have a permit.
You can’t have a permit.
Shall I get it for you, I asked?
Why are you paying then if you have a permit?
Because it’s the terms of the agreement. I can park here if I pay. It says so on MY PERMIT
None of our staff are allowed to park here. We don’t give staff permits to park here.

Ever get the feeling an arguement is going round in circles? Next time I’ll tell her I’m a patient and being treated for severe psychotic tendencies that make me aggressive!!

Oh and I drew Gordon Tracy in speedos today. That made me feel better!


Updated the section on Stories behind the UFO stories, with details of new stories and progress on others already in the pipeline.
Also updated Behind the Thunderbirds Stories to include ‘Unwanted’


Drawing and Doodling

Cold today. very little to do in the way of work as well, so I started a sketch of Gordon Tracy. I’ve done it in a slightly different way, rather ‘rough and ready’, so it will be interesting to see how it is received.
It’s very therapeutic as well, all this doodling, although I do get a bit stressed when I have to try something hard – like hair!!
I seriously think that I’d like to do Art GCSE! Why not! Although if it involves doing stuff other than drawing faces I might get stuck!
I’m going to try drawing Moonbase next – just for a change of scenery.

Chaos at the hospital this morning. They decided to ban parking for anyone other than patients on the car park I use, and refused to let me park on the other site as staff aren’t allowed to park. It took ages to convince them that although I was staff, I wasn’t really staff and anyway I had a permit that allowed me to park on the car parks. To which they replied that no staff  had a permit and so I showed them the one on the windscreen. It’s the only class E permit given out!!


Well, ‘Unwanted’ went down okay – although Criminally Charmed on Fanfiction thinks I am warped and strange…. Hmmmm. Drew Gordon Tracy this weekend – Started yesterday and thought I had messed it up; the nose was too bulbous, but I got the old putty rubber out and managed to salvage it today.
Planning a new UFO story, but its being rather difficult and won’t do what I want it to do. I found my original UFO story yesterday — never finished it because my overall plan went in another direction, but I might just resurrect it and, with a bit ( well okay, a lot) of rewriting, get it fit to publish.
We’ll see.


Rather busy day drawing, but wrote  a new story (?) for Thunderbirds. Very short and hopefully amusing!  I wonder how many people will understand it!   It’s called Unwanted.


Spent most of yesterday drawing- The Man Who Came Back. Spacesuits – very challenging but good fun. I think I made a decent job of it. It’s up on the Episodes page of Art work! I am pleased with the metal effect and the reflections.


New Story up today – Nightmare Scenario. It was one I had thought about for a while, but never really got to grips with.Very short,especially for me!
Went out to buy Art stuff today -expensive. I’ll have to draw now!

Denise Felt finished her Beyond Repair story last night –an excellent story!


Monday. Finished playing around with the Betrayal pic, and reasonably happy so put it up on TIWF and SHADO as well as here. Still need to work on ‘hands’ though.
Verified, – got to the Prologue last night – now have to bring it to a conclusion …It has been the hardest story to write so far, perhaps because I wasn’t all that interested in the main character -Paul Foster has very little ‘background’ so it is much harder to create  a story around him. Perhaps that would be a good piece to do next – a Foster version of ‘Redacted’ ?

A Matter of Degree is slowly being written, but I am near the final chapters and getting a bit bogged down so I will leave it for a couple of weeks and come back to it when I have  cracked the latest story – ‘Joined’ – working title only.
So, that’s- Valentine’s Kiss, Feb, Verified,- March, Betrayal. – April, Castled – May, Joined -June and A Matter of Degree – July. Hmmm
What can I write about for August?


Art work – from Betrayal/Betrayed (not sure of the title yet)
Put on the Art page yesterday. Rather pleased with this although it is still in the  rough stage – needs more detail and the  background filling in.
I have also done a simple Virgil pic for Rescued – and I want to try a more realistic pic of him if I can. Also want to do John in a space suit -.


Words said.
A knife cuts,
tracing blood on skin
Words don’t mark flesh with lines of red
but pain is still there,

Short words, phrases, offhand remarks
said in the heat of the moment
without thought
or care
or consideration
for others
leave a scar, hidden
deep inside.

That one syllable.
Might be all it takes.


Well, that’s another day over and done with – work at least! managed to complete the drawing I had been working on over the weekend- a second version as I couldn’t get the expression right on the first. I will  display the first one in my classroom at the hospital as OFSTED are coming on Thursday and Friday and will probably visit me! Oh Joy! I hope I have some pupils in!

New Year’s Resolutions;
1,Don’t get booked for speeding
2 Get my own website – DONE
3 Get on Marc Martin’s Site – still waiting for him to update!
4. Get Notebook and write sensibly – ongoing!
5. Put portraits in Horticultural Show (might just have one or two!)
6. Keep up the writing – New idea today  — wedding!

On the whole I don’t think I am doing too badly so far. But its frightening how writing and being part of a group can take over one’s life!


Confusing – US date references – I keep thinking that i am writing on the first of the month!
Completed Colonel Lake pic yesterday – quite a simple one, but it’s okay, I think?
Still working on a drawing – can’t quite get the profile right, but its early days so far.

Extract from A Matter of Degree  – I may have to change the title, as it is a quote from one episode and I wanted it to be an alternative title for A Question of Priorities .

I wrote this last night  and thought it would be an interesting blog entry – the story is listed under Stories behind the UFO Stories.
The story itself is a long way from being completed, although it is very intricately planned! I hope to get it up to  about 15,000 words before I seriously
start to re-draft it. Currently on target!

He ran frantically towards the remains of the main block. John had been waiting there for him, there in the entrance. But there was no longer any entrance, no longer any main block. He screamed as he ran, calling out his son’s name over and over. But there was no response.
And then he saw the small figure, half-buried under some rubble. He could see the pale head, crimsoned with blood and still. In agony he  knelt  beside the small body. He could hear the alarms in the distance, and someone shouting. Someone calling for help. He could hear people running, running towards him. The pain in his side was almost unbearable now, but he had to get John out, and he did.
He held him closely, wrapped safely in his arms, his hands softly stroking John’s blonde, bloodied hair, whispering to him quietly, as if to comfort him in his dreams.
He was still holding him when they arrived.
Gently, they pulled him away from his son, and laid him down on the floor, ripping open his jacket, and he could see, through his blurred tears of anguish and agony, their faces peering down at him, examining him. Then they started to cut him open with their  fingers, and he screamed once and died.


Monday . Need I say more?
I saw a really rare sight today! A gritting lorry in Blackpool – now that the snow is starting to melt.
Did some more art work today – don’t know what the family will think when they see it!!
Perhaps I should be more open and adventurous? Perhaps it would be too much of a shock!
Still, I’m happy doing what I am doing, writing, and drawing, and planning. Its a hell of a lot more than a lot of peole do!

126,371 words up in assorted stories now.  Who would ever have believed it?
A whole new world!


Temperature below freezing. Roads unpassable with ice. Pavements ditto. Local government at its most efficient. And I got to work today! Fool!
On Wednesday all the schools in Blackpool were shut . No teachers had to work. Except me. 🙁


The first post.  Not much to say really. Hello.

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