Memo to self:

The best laid plans of mice and men….. as they say.  Two completed  stories to work on over the holidays  in order to get them up to an acceptable standard. And that is on top of everything else! You could plead that you are too busy, which you are, but if you  want to be taken seriously as a writer, than you have to write. It will not be easy ( I know you hate starting again with a story)  but you  have enough ‘minor’ stories on the go to be able to turn to them for some relaxation when things get difficult.

And that is the point isn’t it? Things DO get difficult, and this is a process, just like painting or embroidery, or remodelling a house. It  won’t always be easy. Sometimes it is heartbreakingly difficult and  you  feel that it is too hard to go on, that the delight is no longer there, that your   inspiration has gone forever.  But you know it hasn’t. It’s simply sitting back, laughing at you  with that annoying snigger it sometimes gets, and waiting for you   to realise that … damn it,  this IS what you  want to do, so stop the bloody moaning and get on.

If you  can still put your fingers on the keyboard, if you  can still look back and remember the utter pleasure if writing that story – you  know, THAT one -,   if your  mind goes…. OH! Plot bunny! at the most inconvenient times, then it will come. It hasn’t deserted you,  it’s telling you, in the nicest possible way that now  you  have to work even  harder. It doesn’t get any easier you know. In fact it gets more difficult. But don’t let that put you off. Don’t let anything put you  off. Just look back and see how far you have come.

Oh there are times when it seems impossible, and it is so tempting to say, “Sod it, this is no longer any fun.”  Hang on in there. Keep writing; whether a drabble, or a poem, a twenty page staff handbook (don’t ask!)  or a sharp satire in the Vengeance Saga. Don’t look at the clock, or the word count, or the internet. Lock the doors, disconnect the phone, put the cat outside. Sit down.

TYPE.  Write MORE.  Write harder.  Whatever it is, write it. You can edit it later, just get the words down. And enjoy it.

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