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Be advised: this contains scenes of graphic violence and the deaths of children.

If you have been following ‘Shepherd’ you may well have realised what is about to happen in the story. Graphic violence, but not gratuitous. The whole story has been building up to this moment and the aftermath and there is still a fair way to go.

Shepherd 5: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

He stood there, getting the measure of the room before making any move. A larger dome than the other one; he reckoned it to be at most seven meters across and lined with what appeared to be tall glass-like cylinders, each wide enough to hold a man standing upright. Tangles of cables and wires looped across the floor from the central cluster of assorted equipment and machines before snaking into the base of each tank. He noticed that the cylinders seemed to be in distinct groups, five of them close together, then a gap and then another five,  lining the circumference of the room, with another space for the entrance. No aliens in sight. He let himself relax slightly. Continue reading