The Ed Straker Herald

Today, June 11th is the birthday of George Victor Bishop, known to UFO fans as Ed Bishop. In celebration of this day, I have finally finished the re-posting of the Ed Straker Herald. The new site is in its infancy and there will be some teething problems but I hope that you will read and enjoy. There are 27 new ‘posts’ in the month of June for you to read, including Star Signs, Dr Jackson’s advice page and of course, Colonel Lake’s latest attempt to snare the object of her desires. There are also stories including a new one, My Mate by Ltcdr as well as art work and articles. If you wish to comment, or read the ‘adult’ stories, then you will need to subscribe (free of charge)

You can access the Herald  by clicking    HERE



The story I had begun, with Straker and Freeman, wasn’t working and I had no idea why. The idea was strong  so I thought) the research meticulous and the beginning and ending already written. But the middle sat there and sulked,  refusing to co-operate, and simply not working. Continue reading