I’ve been rather quiet here for the past few months – mostly because I have been busy with other things, but this year I am going to spend as much time as possible ‘editing’ The Shepherd’ into one full length novel. It will probably lose about 10,000 words if not more but then I will repost it here and on other sites before I have a few copies printed.

Writing ‘Shepherd’ was my first real foray into novel writing and doing it kept me going at a time when ‘work’ was extremely difficult, and I will always be grateful that I had my writing to fall back on when things got difficult.

I’ll post updates as I go along. 😉

I DO have two UFO stories in progress; one is a slightly humorous look at how SHADO might have developed and the second is a more serious story about a disaster on the moon. I’ll try to get at least one of them done this year!

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