Couldn’t resist the plot bunny that bounded into my thoughts as I was doing some research, and, with Hallowe’en approaching what better time to do something dark and angst-ridden!

Last year I wrote  ‘Widdershins‘, set in the small village of Sabden, close to Pendle Hill where the witches of Pendle were reputed to live. This year?  Something entirely different. (and I am still working  on it!)
I am posting it in chapters, hopefully starting on Hallowe’en, so the story wont be available to read in its entirety straight away, but it is fairly short (13-14 thousand words).

The penultimate chapter of Needs of the Many has been posted. I will be sorry in a way to say ‘Goodbye’ to Straehk, but it was an interesting experiment in writing a cross-over story with a difference and gave me the opportunity to try something a bit lighter. I may revisit him again one day – who can tell!

Thank you to all those who have read, and enjoyed, and emailed me. It’s good to know that UFO still has its fans. 😉 Garbage




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