The Episodes

A brief synopsis of the episodes, with screenshots and other information. (This is an ongoing project!) The ‘timeline’ of the episodes is taken from:The Timeline of UFO  although this is not yet complete. This timeline puts the episodes into a logical sequence, and justifies some of the so called ‘bloopers’ mentioned on other sites. For a detailed synopsis of each episode go to: SHADOPEDIA

1970/1980:      Identified  

(Also: IdentifiedGerry Anderson’s Commentary )

Sept  1980:      Exposed

March 1981:   The Responsibility Seat

March 1981:    Survival

Sept 1981:      Court Martial

1982:               Ordeal

July 1984:        A Question of Priorities

August 1984:   Sub-Smash

(Also – Sub-Smash Ed Bishop’s Commentary)

August 1984:   The Long Sleep

Oct 1984:         Close Up

1985:                Computer Affair

Other episodes ( not placed in the time line as yet)

Flight Path


The Dalotek Affair

Confetti Check A-OK


Kill Straker!

The Sound of Silence

The Cat With Ten Lives


The Man Who Came Back

The Psychobombs

Reflections in the Water






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