The Virginia Monologues

(Historian’s Note: In the British Isles it is a tradition in some places that a woman may propose to a man on Feb 29th)
It only happens once every four years. Tomorrow is my chance. Leap Year, and of course I am English through and through. We have our traditions, our heritage, our customs.

I have been planning it for weeks now. What I will say, where I will say it, even what voice I will use. I have the clothes back from the dry-cleaners as well. The purple blouse and scarf. He will remember those. We shared a special time together then.

I am going to ask him while we are in the Control room. In front of everyone. It will be very romantic and I shall probably cry.

I have bought a ring. A diamond. I think he will like it. Of course men don’t think about these things and I want to be able to wear it tomorrow after I have asked him. He can’t refuse can he? Not tomorrow.

I know he would ask me himself, if it wasn’t for the fact that he is my boss. He might have to give up work, but that wont matter. I can run SHADO, while he looks after the Studio. What does it matter, as long as we are together. I will do a good job as well.

Tomorrow. I can’t wait.

I can see it now. Commander Virginia and Mr. Edward. Straker

Forgot we had an extra day tomorrow. Useful though; I can go up to Moonbase this evening and check through the reports myself. Alec can stay here and look after things until I get back in a couple of days.



The nerve of the man. To speak to me in that sort of way. Who does he think he is? Nothing more than second-in-command. I have greater ambitions than a mere lackey. I deserve the best. And anyway, shouldn’t he be flying the plane instead of trying to invite me on a dinner date? Not even a good chat–up line. I have done my research thoroughly. Tall and slender. Blue-eyed. And single. I shouldn’t have any problems getting HIM interested in me. The word is that he is untouchable, solitary, a lonely man. Well I can cure that. As they say, why settle for second best? HE wouldn’t have asked me to accompany the Utronics team if he wasn’t interested. Seriously interested. They always say the quiet ones are the most passionate. I will suggest that we discuss my ‘equipment’ later this evening. Maybe over a meal. Maybe oysters, and steak, and …… strawberries for dessert. I can’t wait. Commander Straker and me. Alone. Discussing our future. Together.

Hope Alec remembers that Seagull X-Ray is due for a complete maintenance check once he has that Utronic system installed. I think I’ll have an early night. Nothing important here now.



It was horrible. I mean, really horrible. I can’t remember ever being as scared in my life. I thought I was going to die, that it was all over. It looked at me and I could hear my heart pounding as it came towards me, lethal intent in its every move. There had been no warning, nothing to prepare me for it. And, strong willed woman that I am, with all my doctorates and expertise, I am ashamed to admit that I let out a tiny cry. Shock, I suppose. After all, a horror such as that is not something one faces very often.

And he heard me. Rescued me. The man I dream about, swooping across to move me out of danger with his strong arms. I can still feel the strength of those muscles against me, the speed with which he smoothly pushed me to safety, his almost casual defeat of the enemy. Nothing was said, but he gave me one look afterwards. A look of understanding. He has been there himself, I think. Facing the terror, unable to move.

Tonight, once we are alone, I will take him a coffee and sit down and thank him. And we will talk about today and I might cry. And he will hold me in those arms this time, instead of getting me to safety. And he will kiss me.

Dratted spiders. They play havoc inside the computer systems. For the life of me I don’t know why she didn’t pick it up straight away instead of screaming hysterically like that. I’ll have to get maintenance to do a controlled fumigation this evening , but Lake can handle that once I’ve gone home.



How do I tell him? Surely he must have noticed by now. I mean, it is glaringly obvious, and I am sure even someone like Ford must have seen. It stands out a mile and…. yet I cannot bring myself to tell him. He will be devastated, I am sure. It will be such a blow to his esteem, such a deep wound, something that I am sure he would never ever have considered. Yet accidents happen. I can only try to ease the blow for him. Perhaps I should tell him that it was my fault, my responsibility.

But I know him. He will shoulder the blame, take it on himself and I know what will happen, then. He will look at me with those brilliant cerulean eyes, he will ask me if I am sure, maybe even ask me if anyone else might have noticed.

I will have to be strong. It is my duty to tell him the truth, however painful. Better for both of us in the long run. I don’t know what people will say when they find out. After all, he is my commanding officer, and I am his subordinate. I hope that we can sort it out before Henderson realises. But, I think that once it is out in the open, once we have come to terms with what he has done, then we will be able to sit down together, maybe this evening, in his office and talk it over. He will be strong and silent and maybe upset and I can comfort him and tell him that everything will be alright.


Damn. I should have proof read that article before I sent it, but that UFO incursion distracted me. WhyLake didn’t spot that typo where I spelt counselling with only one ‘l’ I have no idea; after all it is her responsibility to check the final drafts. Perhaps she was still suffering from Post Traumatic Spider Syndrome.


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  1. July 2020 Enjoying the humour page. and re reading a few of your stories while taking a break from writing mine.Thanks always a pleasure to be transported back to Shado.

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