Stand Alone

In reverse order. Newest stories first . Titles  marked as ‘Waiting’ are complete and will be posted here later

Wolf  Sept 2018  Words 18000  Alec always wanted a dog

Steel  June 2018 Words 6700  Alec Freeman – Subsmash

In the Service of Others   Dec 2017 Words 10,000 At the end of Timelash

Dies Canicularies . Sept 2017    Words 6000  Jackson fulfils his promise

Driving Force   Sept 2016  Words: 14,000  Who is Edgar Strachan?

Jar of Pebbles    April 2016  Words: 7,000  A UFO fairy tale

One Wish at Christmas   Dec 2015 Words: 16000 Straker makes a wish – with unforeseen results.

Room 5:28 Jan 2013   Words: 2000   A locked door to a secret room

My Mate Sept 2015  Words: 2000 Is someone  trying to poison Ed Straker?

An Unexpected Guest  Dec 2014 Words: 6000 Straker and Jackson’s evening doesn’t go according to plan.

The Long Way Home  July 2014 Words: 500 Straker takes a detour (Flash fic)

Small Pleasures 2   June 2014 Words: 2200 Foster gives Straker a lift home

Fluff  Dec 2013 Words: 5500 A Christmas Story: A bomb traps Straker in his office

Midnight  October 2013 Words: 14000 A Hallowe’en Story

The Needs of the Many   Jan 2013 Words 40,000 UFO/STTOS crossover.

Small Pleasures 1   Dec 2012 Words: 2000

Widdershins    Aug 2012  Words 3000  A Hallowe’en story

One Shot     Aug 2012  Words: 400

Home  Ongoing    July 2012  A series of vignettes, each ending with the word ‘home’

Henderson  One Hour   July 2012  AU Henderson waits for a visitor

Moment of Truth   June 2012 Words: 8250  A Day in London (Waiting)

P.D.I.    Jan 2012  Words: 3,500 Metafic

Wolf     March 2012 Words: 19,000  (Waiting)

Lost Souls   March 2012  Words: 1,000   John finishes the boat

Conversation    March 2012 Words: 4,000 Crossover UFO/Batman

No Man is an Island    Dec 2011 Words: 6,000   Straker and Freeman try to survive on a desert island

 Memento Mori  Dec 2011  Words: 5,500   Remember your mortality

Abandoned    Dec 2011   Words: 1,200  ‘I want to be aboard with the best possible sub crew..’

Garbage    May 2011  Words: 1,800  A moment to reflect

Priority of Questions  Jan 2011  Words: 4,500   Alec Freeman’s POV

Stopping By Woods   Dec 2010  Words: 4,100  A snowy night and one man, alone

Christmas Round Robin    Dec 2010   Words: 1,500  Colonel Lake sends a Christmas card

Glitch in the Machine  Nov 2010  Words: 16,000  Straker meets an old friend

The Master  Nov 2010  Words: 8,500  LtCdr has a visitor

First Assignment  Nov 2010  An unusual assignment for a SHADO operative

Ed Straker One Hour


Lines of Communication Sept 2010  Tags: Deathfic

Brief Encounters  June 2010 Words: 8,000  A series of brief meetings

The Bodyguard June 2010  Words: 4,000   Who guards the guardians?

Foster v Lightcudder  May 2010 1,000  An unwelcome meeting

Nightmare Scenario   May 2010  Words: 600   A visitor, at night

Conversation Piece    Feb 2010  Words: 4,500  The author arranges a meeting

New Beginning   Oct 2009  Words: 800  Straker considers his future

Last Post   Sept 2009  Words 500 Tags: Deathfic


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