The Needs of the Many Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It was with some trepidation that Straker followed his erstwhile barber into the building. His credentials had passed the scrutiny of the guards at the entrance without question, but to be outside the car and surrounded by so many humans was an uncomfortable feeling, even though most of them ignored him. Jackson walked on, giving short explanations, nodding to several people and eventually taking him into one of the base refectories. He gestured to a table. ‘Sit down. Thornton will meet us here so you might as well have breakfast while we wait. What do you usually eat?’ Continue reading

The Needs of the Many Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Straker put down his pen and closed the journal with a sigh. A human response and one that he was beginning to appreciate. It fitted his feelings. He was weary of this enclosed space, but although he was free to leave whenever he chose, he had not ventured beyond the confines of his cabin. It was not that he was forbidden, although the First Officer suggested, in a caustic tone that was almost an order, that his presence in the more spacious passenger areas of the ship might cause concern. So he had remained here in this small cabin, well out of the way, reading and studying and recovering, his meals brought by a silent ensign and visited on occasions by the ship’s physician. Continue reading

Oh my….


On a desperate trawl through half a dozen flash drives yesterday while searching for several stories that had somehow escaped  their shackles, I came across four or five ‘snippets’ written in 2011. Continue reading

Vulcan Straker.

Chapter 2 posted. I was doing a scene yesterday and realised that it wasn’t working, simply because I have had so much fun writing Alec Freeman and Jackson in this story that I had drifted away from the ‘Vulcan’ aspect of Straker. So it needed re-writing. It is rather difficult doing a Vulcan who is gradually becoming human! Just occasionally he reverts to his ‘origins’ and stands there, puzzled at the sometimes incomprehensible actions of these primitive people. I hope it comes over okay though.  And this is the picture that set the whole story in motion.  I don’t need to say which episode, do I? (grinning here)

Continue reading