Abandoned    July 2011   Words:1,200  ‘I want to be aboard with the best possible sub crew…’

AfterMath  The Rachel Chronicles 16  July 2010  Words: 20,200 The world ends. Or

An Unexpected Guest   Dec 2014. Yuletide story. Words: 6000 Straker and Jackson’s evening does not go according to plan.

Betrayal The Rachel Chronicles 11  Nov 2009  Words: 18,100  Our fears do make us traitors

Break Time   The Rachel Chronicles 14 March 2010  Words: 14,400  It takes  just one  second.

Brief Encounters June 2010  Words:8,100  A series of brief meetings.

Castled The  Rachel Chronicles 15   May 2010  Words: 16,300  The king’s name is a tower of strength

Christmas Round Robin Dec 2011 Words: 1,500 Colonel  Lake sends a Christmas Card

Conversation Piece  Feb 2010 Words: 4,400 The author arranges a meeting.

Conversation Wayne/Straker Feb 2012 Words: 3,600  A game of chess in more ways than one

Dies Canicularies . Sept 2017    Words 6000  Jackson fulfils his promise

Driving Force 14,000 words  Who is Edgar Strachan?

Ed Straker; One Hour 

FarSight 1: Resignation. (22.5.2010) Still to be posted

FarSight 2: Resistance (16.6.2010) Still to be posted

FarSight 3: Recovery    (2.7.2010) Still to be posted

Finality  Aug 2010 Words: 1,300 Still to be posted

First Assignment  Nov 2010  Words: 3000  An unusual assignment for a SHADO Operative

Fluff   Dec 2013 Words: 5500 A bomb traps Straker in his office

Foster v Lightcudder (Round 1) Sometime in 2010! Words: 800  Still to be posted

Garbage March 2011 Words:1,900   A moment to reflect

Geostationary 1/Foster  The Rachel Chronicles 9 Dec 2009  Words: 3,200 Christmas Eve in SHADO HQ.

Geostationary 2/Straker  The Rachel Chronicles 10  Dec 2009  Words: 2,600 Christmas Eve in SHADO HQ

Glitch In the Machine Nov  2010  Words: 16,000 Straker meets an old friend Tags:  A.U. Interspecies sex

G. Litch at the Machine   (May 2011)Tags: A.U.  Episodes rewritten

Henderson: One Hour  July 2012 Tags: A.U.  Henderson waits for a visitor

Home  May 2012 ..  A series of vignettes, each ending with the word ‘home’.

In the Service of Others  Dec 2017  At the end of Timelash

Jar of Pebbles  April 2106  7,000 words A UFO fairy tale

Just Another Day  The Rachel Chronicles 8  April 2010 Words: 3,300  Paul’s day doesn’t go as planned.

Legacy  The Rachel Chronicles 12 June 2010 Words 15,500  The past causes problems.

Lines of Communication Sept  2010 Words: 5,200  Tags: Deathfic

Lost Soul May 2012  Words: 1,000 John finishes the boat

Mayland Room 101 Password Required  (March 2011) An improbable and painful situation Contact LtCdr for access!

Memento Mori Dec 2011 Words: 5,500   Remember your mortality

Missing Persons  The  Rachel Chronicles 13 June 2010 Words: 13,500 Ed is missing.

Moment of Truth  8,500 words Oct 2012  A journey through London

Moonlight and Vodka Pt 1: Breathless Oct  2011 Words: 15,000 What happened before SHADO began operations? Tags: Graphic violence and torture

Moonlight and Vodka Pt 2: Moonlight Oct 2011 Words: 10,000 Dimitri Leonov starts work.

Moonlight and Vodka Pt 3: Vodka  Jan 2012 Words: 18,000  Tags: Graphic violence Straker and Dimitri are missing

My Mate.   Sept. 2015  Words: 2000  Is someone trying to poison Ed Straker?

New Beginning July 2009 Words:800. Straker considers his future

Nightmare Scenario  May 2010 Words: 600  A visitor, at night

No Man is an Island Dec 2011 Words: 6,000 Straker and Freeman must work together to survive

One Wish at Christmas. Words: 16000 Straker makes a wish, with unforeseen results.

P.D.I Jan 2012 Words: 3,400  meta-fic Straker accompanies LtCdr to work

Priority of Questions: Alec Freeman Dec 2010 Words: 4,300 Alec Freeman’s POV

Priority of Questions: Ed Straker Written by Guina (Dec 2010)

Process of Elimination  The Rachel Chronicles 1 July 2009  Words: 16,700 Difficult decisions have to be made.

Redacted  The Rachel Chronicles 3 Oct 2009 Eords:19,500  Time to reflect on past events

Regulations The Rachel Chronicles 18  March 2011 Words: 1,000 Rachel wakes to bad news

Rescued  The Rachel Chronicles 4    Oct 2009 Words: 20,000 Jeff Tracy meets SHADO!

Room 5:28  Jan 2013   Words: 2000   A locked door to a secret room

Rules  The Rachel Chronicles 17  Feb 2011 Words: 1,100  Straker cleans his gun and comes to a decision

Separated  The Rachel Chronicles 5 Dec 2009 Words:21,900  Three worlds collide.

Small Pleasures 1  Dec 2012  Words: 2000  Foster pays a visit

Small Pleasures 2   June 2014 Words: 2200 Foster gives Straker a lift home

Steel    June 2018 Words: 6700    Alec Freeman – Subsmash

Stopping By Woods Dec 2010 Words: 4,100    But I have promises to keep…..

Surrendered The  Rachel Chronicles 2 Aug 2009 Words: 22,100  Everyone has a breaking point

The Bodyguard June 2010 Words 4,100  Who guards the guardians?

The Master Oct 2010 Words: 8,300  Meta-fic. LtCdr has a visitor

The Needs of the Many Sept Words: 2013 40,000  AU Crossover UFO/STTOS  A Vulcan colony is attacked

The Shepherd Pt 1: Lamb to Slaughter Oct 2010 Words: 21,000  Complete Tags: Graphic Violence. m/f sex

The Shepherd Pt 2: Hefted April 2011 Words:37,000  Complete Tags: Graphic violence

The Shepherd Pt 3: Drafted May 2011 Words:20,000  Complete Tags: Graphic Violence

The Shepherd Pt 4: Grafted June 2011 Words:28,000 Chapters 1-6

The Shepherd Pt 5: Laired Oct 2012  Words: 45,000 Complete

The Virginia Monologues Tags: Irreverent humour. Not for the easily offended

Valentine’s Kiss  The Rachel Chronicles 6 Feb 2010 Words: 15,100  Not all Valentine’s gifts are welcome.

Verified   The Rachel Chronicles 7 March 2010 Words: 10,700  Paul Foster takes control  (Re-written, with apologies to Colonel Foster for the earlier version)

Vodka: Pt 3 Moonlight and Vodka (Feb 2012) Tags: Graphic violence

Wolf  Sept 2018  Words 18000  Alec always wanted a dog

Widdershins 3000 words

Wolf 19,000 words (Waiting)

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