Welcome to Lightcudder’s World. No long diatribe here about the rights and wrongs of canon, or tags, or what I believe in, or what you should read, or what I think about UFO or other writers. I write UFO stories. Simple as that.  You are welcome to read them if you wish. Comments always appreciated 

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Steel     6,700 Alec Freeman and Subsmash

Dies Canicularies   10,000  Jackson fulfils a promise to Straker


Regretfully, I find it once more necessary to make the following absolutely clear, (despite several malicious and false comments posted elsewhere.)

  • I have the greatest respect for Ed Bishop, his work and his family. 
  • I am not a member of  a certain UFO fanfiction site from choice. (My stories were all removed from there at my request.)
  • I do not post comments on any UFO site under a sockpuppet. 
  • I have never written a story that denigrates Ed Bishop or the fictitious character Ed Straker.

Please contact me if you need further details. 

Readers should be aware that the ‘tagline’ on this site  (God thinks he’s Straker. No. Actually, God just wishes he was Straker)  was used in a story ‘Glitch in the Machine’ which was copyrighted July 2010, but the phrase was in use for several months prior to that story being copyrighted