30K and counting

Reached the ‘magic’ 30K total today on what might be a pretty long story in the end. I had intended leaving  it for a while to simmer, but like a hole in a tooth it kept drawing me back until I ended up writing more. It brings in several characters, mainly Alec and Jackson, but it is the ‘incidental’ characters who have been a lot of fun to write this time.  This takes the total number of my  UFO stories waiting to be published to 18, (not including two that are works in progress, – Combined Operations and Hardwired.) Combined Ops is a bugger. It seems to have undergone a metamorphosis every time I open it up, to the extent  that to make it work, I think I need to start  again and scrap at least 5K of the 12  I have already done.  I hate scrapping words. I know it has to be done, and I am pretty tough on my editing, but when it means scrapping entire chapters, or even characters from a story, then I hesitate.

‘Combined’ (or as I privately call it ..That bloody story) now has at least seven different versions as well as three or four titles. I can see myself printing each one out and then re-writing from scratch, stealing the best parts from each story! Here is a taster: ( and no.. it’s not Straker here)

He was by himself now, a solitary survivor, alone in the dimness of the empty corridor. Even his radio was silent. No, they were there, ahead of him, just a few more steps down the smooth concrete slope, round the corner to the massive bulkheads of the shelter. A few more paces, half-blinded by the brighter lights that welcomed him and glittered in stinging eyes. A cumbersome lurch  through the first airlock, bouncing, exhausted and breathless off the frame, then hands reaching  out to help him take that  second step into the cavern,  the  warning alarm audible even through the thick helmet. He sensed the heavy reverberation of the airlocks slamming into their seals behind him. So close. But safe.

He opened his helmet. They were standing there, waiting.  A quick count. A deep sigh of relief.  ‘All heads, report.’

Oh, and if anyone is utterly desperate to read any of my unpublished stories, contact me. I don’t promise to send them, but you never know.

And this post’s screenshot?  I spent quite a while searching for this one which plays an important role in my current story.