This was written in 2010 and posted on a couple of fanfiction sites until I deleted it for a specific reason. I’d completely forgotten about it until last weekend and it took a serious search through numerous old drives and so on before I located the original file. It runs to 57,000 words which is a decent novel length so I have put it on my Mac and converted the file to Pages and I’m starting work on it. I have only the haziest memory of the events but I do know I enjoyed writing it.

Yes, its hugely flawed but it was written 14 years ago so I hope I have improved since then!

I’ve just added Ford’s Left Shoe to the archive. I spent several hours the other day tidying up the site (which was a lot easier than actually trying to post something!) and I couldn’t find the story anywhere. Maybe it’s lurking in the dark void of long forgotten UFO stories! If I find the original posting, I’ll delete this one. Hopefully this year I’ll get round to re-writing FarSight and The Shepherd and finally finishing the Hallowe’en story I started a couple of years ago!

Ford’s Left Shoe

A UFO Story

©LtCdr Jan 2013

 Keith Ford looked around the refectory with a frown; the busiest time of the day and no tables free. He didn’t like sitting with the medical staff who had a tendency to talk shop while they were eating. There was one table where he might sit; a table for four yet with only one place occupied. It would do. At least he would not have to listen to another discussion about analysing time of death in aliens. He had not eaten liver and onions since then. He approached the table, tray in hand.

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Needs of the Many

The Shepherd ‘edits’ are underway – finally – but it will be quite a few months before I am finished. And once that story is done, I am going to work on “The Needs of the Many” and get that ‘published’ in paperback as well. As a ‘prequel’ to the series I think it works very well and maybe one day I will write a sequel, set after the alien menace has been defeated. And maybe Straker will finally get to go home.


Seven years ago I received this illustration to go with my AO3 Yuletide story ‘No Man is an Island’

It still remains one of my favourite pictures. A lot has happened in the last seven years and although my fanfic ‘output’ may have diminished somewhat, I have made a promise to myself to complete at least one UFO story this year. Maybe it will be the Hallowe’en one I started last year, or the Christmas one from the year before!  There WILL be a new UFO story this year posted on Sept 21st, but for now, I’d like to wish all UFO fans and those who have been so generous with their comments,

A Very Happy and Prosperous 2019. 

Seven years

Seven years since I wrote the final line of ‘Shepherd’. A few more months though before I was done editing it, but looking back that was an incredible time in my life.

Since then I have gone on to do other fairly long UFO stories – The Needs of the Many being probably one of the longest, though there is a story for next year that is roughly 40k in length. ‘Shepherd’ though, was a stonking 150,000 words seven years ago. My first novel.

My grateful thanks to those who have read it and who encouraged me to write on. I haven’t written much UFO recently as life has taken a different turn, but I am aiming to complete at least two UFO stories next year.

There will be a new UFO story posted here on Christmas Eve – adult in theme and featuring Col Lake and Ed Straker. Comments will be welcome, as always.


Following the success of SHADO CON in June 2017, we are delighted to announce SHADO CON 2 to be held in the

QUAD, Derby,

Saturday June 30th 2018.

Guests include

Deborah Grant and David Collings  from  Psychobombs, Alan Perry, and James Winch with his SHADO Jeep and original UFO props.

More guests to be announced.(all guests appear subject to work commitments)

For updates go to: SHADO CON (facebook group)