Author’s Notes

The Needs of the Many:

I thought long and hard about whether to post this story here; it’s very different to others I have done before and it is not complete, but  I decided to give it a go. There are, at present, thirteen chapters and probably several more to go, and at 35,000 words so far, it may well reach novel length by the time I have finished. As with a lot of recent stories I am experimenting with certain styles and ideas and that is partly the reason why this is being posted now, instead of on the Herald. If it all falls apart, I can take it down easily enough! But I know exactly where the story goes, and it is just a case of bringing it to a conclusion at the most appropriate point.

At the current time I have stalled in the story, not because I have run out of plot, but because I am, as usual, baulking at the thought of writing the next scene. Hence the ‘Work in Progress’ posting! I will HAVE to get on and finish it now! 

I started this late last year in an idle moment and then returned to it in January.. There may well be some minor alterations to make to earlier chapters but I have done enough revising to be pretty sure that nothing major needs to be changed. I hope readers enjoy the story;  although the beginning doesnt seem very ‘UFO’, give it time. It will make sense. (I promise.) Detailed notes will be available when it is complete. Comments are open should you wish to make any.