Vulcan Straker.

Chapter 2 posted. I was doing a scene yesterday and realised that it wasn’t working, simply because I have had so much fun writing Alec Freeman and Jackson in this story that I had drifted away from the ‘Vulcan’ aspect of Straker. So it needed re-writing. It is rather difficult doing a Vulcan who is gradually becoming human! Just occasionally he reverts to his ‘origins’ and stands there, puzzled at the sometimes incomprehensible actions of these primitive people. I hope it comes over okay though.  And this is the picture that set the whole story in motion.  I don’t need to say which episode, do I? (grinning here)



2 thoughts on “Vulcan Straker.

  1. No, YOU don’t need to say it, but I do for all those who are not so familiar with the episodes: it’s Sub-Smash :-)…

    • Possibly my favourite episode. The quality of the acting on all sides is unsurpassed, from Bishop’s fearful look in that first scene in his office, Sewell’s quiet desperation on board the rescue plane, Billington’s last look as he enters the escape hatch and the lingering look from Mantez in the hospital as Straker walks away. Superb.

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