Oh my….

On a desperate trawl through half a dozen flash drives yesterday while searching for several stories that had somehow escaped  their shackles, I came across four or five ‘snippets’ written in 2011.

Some are unpublishable for various reasons but it was great fun  re-reading them.  It seems a shame to just leave them unread though, mouldering away unseen. Here are some extracts.

The first is from ‘Adverbs’ in which Straker visits LtCdr.

‘I wonder what you’d have done Ed?’ she mused, ‘there was  a time when I would have had you going out there all macho and action man, but I don’t somehow think Ed Bishop wanted you played like that did he?’ She tapped at the keyboard again, lethargically.


The voice startled her and she made yet another typo.

‘Still not learned to type without looking at the keyboard I see,’ the dryly amused voice said. ‘And another adverb. Hmm. Perhaps you should stop for a while and talk to me.’

This next one  is from ‘Oh YES!’ which was a short ‘gender-swap’ story I started (and really should finish!) – and it IS meant to be rude!

Oh.  Well, that was different. Very different. She reached down, exploring. Fingers finding things that most certainly were not there last night. She lifted the duvet. Looked down. Even in the shadowy darkness it was …….  outstanding. Larger than she had anticipated. And all hers. She even tugged it to make sure it was firmly attached.


This third extract is from a much longer story (80k) that needs a complete re-write. Whether I will ever do that is another matter altogether!

He watched as the interceptors were pulled away from his space, into the wormhole, to disappear spinning like Catherine wheels as they were sucked into the darkness and in desperation, knowing what was surely  to come, he tried to contact HQ, to warn Alec, and ….. to say goodbye.  But there was no response.

The wormhole’s immense gravitational forces had pulled the fragile satellites apart. The communication links to Earth were destroyed, gone. He was alone, isolated. And then the UFO, huge, self-assured and poised, moving like a thoroughbred horse with delicate precision, swept down on his shabby, scuffed, carthorse of a shuttle and enveloped it in a blaze of white light that blinded him to everything around him.

So. There you have it. Some of the random ideas/ramblings/thoughts that clutter up my computer.  Perhaps one day I will finally have the courage to post the full versions.