Time for a change

More of a personal comment here, as opposed to a UFO connection. Moving house is somewhat of a new experience for me – having done it only once since 1977! So  the last few weeks have been fairly hectic and the next few days promise to be both exhausting and exhilarating. So……  UFO takes a back seat for a while, at least until my desk is back in action and I can find all those important items that I have packed away – UFO dvds, art equipment and of course my notebooks with pages full  of proto-stories!  Needs of the Many Chapter 7  will be posted soon, before the end of May, and then I will have to crack on and do some more of it! (Chapter 16 has been completed, so there is still plenty more to post!) And, despite my best efforts, plot bunnies continue to bound into existence, burrowing up from the darkness that is the festering confusion of my innermost thoughts to annoy me with their insistence that I drop everything else and write them NOW! Tough luck bunnykins. You will have to take your turn. I have more important things to do first. (grinning here – I have a painting that simply aches to be done! )Moonbase


One thought on “Time for a change

  1. So with all your packing up of everything and preparing to relocate… have you ever thought of what someone like Straker would have to go through to rehouse SHADO? Hmmm?

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