Rachel Chronicles: 16 AfterMath

May 19th 2010 07.28 hours

Paul Foster hummed to himself as he entered the studio office. A beautiful May morning, bright skies promising a warm maybe, with any luck, even a hot day and it was Wednesday. A good day. Especially when tomorrow was the first day of his vacation. Two weeks in Antigua in one of the island’s smaller hotels. Wonderful. Two weeks away from SHADO and Straker, away from Alec and aliens, film directors and fans. Just today to get through. Easy. Continue reading

Memento Mori

Skydiver. Come in, Skydiver.’  Keith Ford gave a despairing glance at the monitor before he spoke once more. ‘Captain Waterman; please respond.’ A hiss of static answered him. He didn’t look up, didn’t want to see the faces watching and  listening as he struggled to get some answer. Anything but that  mocking whisper of white noise. Continue reading


Garbage.  That was all that was left now.  We’d picked over the scraps, sent anything of any useable size back to HQ for analysis, cleared the site, written the interim reports. But there had been very little to retrieve. Disintegrating alien craft tend to be fairly destructive and this was not just one exploding UFO.  There were several of them. It was a miracle that any buildings had survived, that anything, indeed anyone, had survived. Continue reading