Colour Me SHADO

Designing costumes for a futuristic science fiction programme brings its own difficulties. How will fashions have changed in a century, or a millennium even? The designers of costumes in UFO had an even harder task in some respects – to look a mere decade or so into the future and imagine how the current fashions of the late 60’s would have developed.

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Alec Freeman: Identified

(aka: The Memetic Mutation of Alec Freeman!)

Alec Freeman has had a pretty rough deal at the hands of authors  in the past. A considerable amount of the  fanfic  that has been written seems to have dragged the character of Freeman away from the man who was  portrayed by George Sewell,  and  more often than not all that we are  left with is  a thin and almost comical shadow of one of the most powerful and certainly influential characters  in the  UFO series after Ed Straker.
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