Rachel Chronicles: 17 Rules

05.48 hours

I knew I was going to have to tell her sometime today, but she was still asleep when I pushed back the covers and, muscles stiff and aching, sat on the edge of the bed. Not enough sleep last night. Not enough sleep most nights really. Nightmares do that to you. Make you afraid to sleep, to close your eyes in case they come for you. Continue reading

Rachel Chronicles: 16 AfterMath

May 19th 2010 07.28 hours

Paul Foster hummed to himself as he entered the studio office. A beautiful May morning, bright skies promising a warm maybe, with any luck, even a hot day and it was Wednesday. A good day. Especially when tomorrow was the first day of his vacation. Two weeks in Antigua in one of the island’s smaller hotels. Wonderful. Two weeks away from SHADO and Straker, away from Alec and aliens, film directors and fans. Just today to get through. Easy. Continue reading

Rachel Chronicles: 13 Missing Persons

Chapter 1

Straker  drove his Saab  home,  his mind tumbling over the  events of the last few hours rather than concentrating  on driving safely. But it was late, very late and he was tired, so it really wasn’t his fault that he failed to see the large dog fox standing in the middle of the road until it was almost too late. Continue reading