The Priority of Questions: Ed Straker (by Guina)

Two Characters – Two Writers – Two Different POVs – Two Stories
Yuletide New Year’s Resolution 2011 gifted to Lightcudder

One Dialogue by Lightcudder and Guina
This Point of View by Guina  © December 2010

“I’m sorry, sir,” the voice of the court clerk threaded through the receiver. “It’s because of a technicality. You married on US American soil, given that the whole ceremony was held at your embassy. Full UK family law applies only to betrothals within England and Wales. Your former wife had a very good lawyer, who knew precisely how to present this and whom to. Judge Kelbaugh’s known for his – if I may say so – somewhat parochial views.”

Straker rubbed his eyes, then ran a tired hand across his early morning stubble back to his neck to stretch some of the lassitude out of his thin frame. It had taken hold of him after John’s death and did not seem to let up. Continue reading