Rachel Chronicles: 17 Rules

05.48 hours

I knew I was going to have to tell her sometime today, but she was still asleep when I pushed back the covers and, muscles stiff and aching, sat on the edge of the bed. Not enough sleep last night. Not enough sleep most nights really. Nightmares do that to you. Make you afraid to sleep, to close your eyes in case they come for you. Continue reading

Brief Encounters

Chapter 1
23rd June 2000

My nineteenth birthday tomorrow. And I have to work. As usual. Well, I suppose it’s better than being out of work, although I never intended to be a uni student here in London studying a combination of  Languages and History of Warfare and have a job as well. Although a part-time waitressing  isn’t really what I would call a job. It keeps me in beer money, and pays the rent. Most of the time anyway.

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