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Latest additions:

The Green Man. 19,500 Straker is forced to take a leave of absence

Hardwired    ADULT

Wolf .  18500 Alec always wanted a dog

Steel     6,700 Alec Freeman and Subsmash

Dies Canicularies   10,000  Jackson fulfils a promise to Straker


Regretfully, I find it once more necessary to make the following absolutely clear, (despite several malicious and false comments posted elsewhere.) Continue reading

The Bodyguard

‘It’s happened again. Third time this week.’

‘So get someone to deal with it.’

‘It’s not that simple.’

‘Yes it is. Get the name, get the address, and send security.’ Straker didn’t even bother looking up from file he was reading. ‘Or are you telling me, Alec, that SHADO Security can’t find the person who keeps Googling me? Anyway, it’s probably just  a film fan.’ Continue reading

Moonlight and Vodka Pt 2: Moonlight

This story continues the events in ‘Breathless’. Readers may also wish to read One Red Square by AnDelenDir as a prelude to this story.

‘So, we are in agreement then? You will have to move to England for a few months to familiarise yourself with our…. organisation.’ Straker  looked across the table at Dimitri. ‘But then you will reassigned back here, all being well.’ Continue reading