I’ve just added Ford’s Left Shoe to the archive. I spent several hours the other day tidying up the site (which was a lot easier than actually trying to post something!) and I couldn’t find the story anywhere. Maybe it’s lurking in the dark void of long forgotten UFO stories! If I find the original posting, I’ll delete this one. Hopefully this year I’ll get round to re-writing FarSight and The Shepherd and finally finishing the Hallowe’en story I started a couple of years ago!

Ford’s Left Shoe

A UFO Story

©LtCdr Jan 2013

 Keith Ford looked around the refectory with a frown; the busiest time of the day and no tables free. He didn’t like sitting with the medical staff who had a tendency to talk shop while they were eating. There was one table where he might sit; a table for four yet with only one place occupied. It would do. At least he would not have to listen to another discussion about analysing time of death in aliens. He had not eaten liver and onions since then. He approached the table, tray in hand.

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