I have had the greatest fun in the last ten days writing a very different UFO story featuring Straker and Jackson. For once, Jackson was easier to write than ‘the boss’ who was in a pretty unusual situation! After a difficult month or so, it was great to get back to  enjoying writing.  Hopefully, the story will be online in the new year. 😉

Nano starts on Saturday – 50,000 words in 30 days. I have managed to ‘win’ every year so far, and hope to do at least 50K this year as well. I have a 115K story to edit and proof-read as well, which is going to take me several weeks at the very least.

Shepherd 5: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Paul was waiting. It was all he could do. He was ready and almost excited in a perverse way. Something positive to do at last, instead of sitting there planning and thinking and talking. He shrugged his shoulders, settling his backpack into place and touching his helmet to check yet again that his goggles were still in position. His group were ready, standing at the entrance to the boarded-up rotunda that housed the steps leading down to the tunnel. He could feel his hands sweating inside his fine leather gloves. Continue reading

Shepherd Part 5: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Straker finished his last check of the details and looked at his watch again. Paul was due back in less than an hour, and that gave Straker time to get to Sara’s house and talk to her, to explain what was going to happen and get her back here. He looked around the office. No charts, no maps, nothing left out that might give a clue to the operation that had been planned with such care. Time to go and he opened the door, before an irrational fear came into his mind. Continue reading

Tidying up

I spent this morning tidying up my workspace and re-organising it prior to starting a few new projects. Finally managed to get some art work and a rare publicity photo of Bishop up on one wall. Now I  just need to get a pinboard ready. I tend to make rough notes on ‘post-its’ and then stick them on the wall, which is already spattered with maps, pictures,  notes, drawings etc stuck in random places. Continue reading