Forgot all about this picture. One I did a long time ago and somehow it never got put in my folder, and seems to have disappeared from my sites. I’m in the process of using it for a banner so thought I would stick it up here, just so I don’t forget it again.. I did this a long time ago and still love the stern look.

Acrylic on paper. A4 size.

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Art: Moonmobile

Football on TV. Too sunny to use the laptop to write. So; Mike Trim’s picture called! I started it in pastels and then realised that it would not work out. They are too thick for the fine detail I wanted to try to achieve so I changed to acrylics.

Working out okay, although its difficult painting in sunshine as the paint dries a little too quickly.

The final picture is meant to go with The FarSight Trilogy, but I wasn’t thinking and put Earth in the background as Mike Trim has done. It doesn’t really matter though. The Earth in this picture is pretty rubbish, but on the whole I am pleased with the Moonmobile or Moonhoppper as Mike Trim calls it.