Hmmph.  I have been tasked with writing 2,500 words (ten pages!) on one very specific topic. I need to do some serious research now.  Watch this space! (Muttermuttergrumblegrumble.)

Chapter 6 added  to  The Needs of the Many.  I had tremendous fun writing this part and working out how Straker and Freeman met all those years ago, while still trying to stick within some of the boundaries  of canon. I tried to keep the general ‘thread’ of the Herald timeline for Straker, but of course this IS an AU story and so some aspects will undoubtedly be very wide of the lines! And, to be honest, I had immense pleasure writing it.

The Needs of the Many Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It was with some trepidation that Straker followed his erstwhile barber into the building. His credentials had passed the scrutiny of the guards at the entrance without question, but to be outside the car and surrounded by so many humans was an uncomfortable feeling, even though most of them ignored him. Jackson walked on, giving short explanations, nodding to several people and eventually taking him into one of the base refectories. He gestured to a table. ‘Sit down. Thornton will meet us here so you might as well have breakfast while we wait. What do you usually eat?’ Continue reading