Fluff ( A UFO story for New Year)

 ( I don’t normally do fluff. I hate fluff. So does Straker now.)

‘Go away Colonel. You can see I’m busy.’

Alec Freeman let the large box rest on the edge of the desk. ‘Just for tonight. I borrowed it from FX for the party at Janice’s and I’m going to Moonbase in a couple of hours. No time to take it home. I’ll shift it as soon as I get back tomorrow.’

Straker sighed. ‘Very well, but put it over there.’ He waved a hand and carried on working as Freeman hauled the heavy carton up again and carried it to the other corner of the room. It slid from his hands before he could lower it the last few inches and there was a soft thud and the sound of something cracking. Continue reading

Only a couple of days until Christmas holidays start, so I am going to do a final proof-read of a story I wrote last year as a UFO Christmas gift. I may begin posting it here, in chapters, starting on Christmas Eve, Its about time it saw the light of day! 17,000 words of  mega-angst. (grinning here)

Midnight: Chapter 6

He delved into one of his pockets, praying, heart pounding with the thought that it might have fallen out, or he might have left it behind. It was there. And he pulled the small lighter out, flicking it open with fumbling fingers, his thumb catching the igniter. Again. Again, his eyes watching as Morton began to shuffle back towards him and the aliens continued to drag Alec, ignoring him for the moment. Continue reading

Midnight: Chapter 4

‘Ahead.’ Straker swerved his machine to a halt in a swirl of snow spray. ‘There.’ He pointed as Alec pulled up alongside, tugging goggles down and squinting. ‘See it now?’

They had spotted the irregularity a few hours ago, a degree or so off their planned line of travel and the debate about whether to investigate had turned into another argument. Continue reading