Midnight: A Hallowe’en Story

A ‘Hallowe’en’ UFO story

I’m back. He’s back. Not sure which of us is the happier.


Chapter 1

October 19th 2013

‘Time.’ Straker glanced around the Control room before swinging the microphone around and leaning forward to speak. ‘All sensors to maximum. All stations Red Alert.’ A satisfying silence. No unnecessary noise, no distracting replies, just a well-trained workforce in action. Foster looked up from the satellite image he was studying.

‘Here it comes.’

Penumbral lunar eclipse. Not uncommon, but with solar activity rendering the Antarctic satellite system temporarily out of contact, the whole continent was an open target for any UFO fortunate enough to get past the lunar defences. Straker stood there, arms folded and watching as satellite images displayed the lunar surface turning red, Ford concentrating on the sensors, head tilted to one side as if he was listening to some faint, far-away sound, Foster tapping his fingers soundlessly on his thigh. Alec, out of contact at the other end of the world would be listening as well.

They were all waiting. Continue reading

Chapter 16: The Needs of the Many

Chapter 16

‘Didn’t know you could sing like that.’ Alec burped and raised his glass in a toast. Straker sidled back into his seat and reached for his own drink, gulping it down with a sigh of relief.  Alec leaned over wrapping a heavy  arm round Straker’s shoulder, beery breath in his friend’s ear.  ‘Should’ve told me. Could have done a duet.’ Continue reading

The Needs of the Many: Chapter 15

Chapter 15

‘Good to see you.’

‘I wanted to come out when I heard about the accident, but work…’ Alec Freeman shrugged and dropped his bag in the boot of Straker’s car. ‘You know how it is. Couldn’t have come now but for the transfer. Anyway, you look well.  How’s the General?’

‘Convalescing.  Slowly.’ Straker took his cap off and smoothed his hair back into place. ‘Three months isn’t very long though.’

‘Long enough for you.’ Freeman grinned and clapped Straker on the back. ‘That was the last thing I expected. An invite to your wedding.’

Straker busied himself with opening doors and getting into the car. ‘A lot can happen in three months Alec.’ Continue reading