Thunderbirds Are Go…..

Gentle waves washed the silver sand clear of footprints, and in the house on the cliff above only one light remained as Jeff Tracy finished his work. He put his empty mug down on the desk, heedless of the coffee ring on the once polished surface, and went over to the piano, stroking one hand over the dull and sticky surface. The keys were dusty and he pressed a few of them, just to hear the sound once more. Continue reading



A Thunderbirds fanfic story by Ltcdr. © 2014

Sleep eluded him, the once-familiar lines and angles in his bedroom morphing into strange and somewhat threatening shapes.  Long-forgotten monsters from his childhood lurked in every corner and he sat up, rubbing his face with a trembling hand, reluctant to turn on the light. A few paces to the bathroom, taking care not to stub toes on the corner of his desk, a quick slash to empty a bladder that wasn’t really complaining. But it was better than lying there, waiting for sleep that never came. It was nearly four in the morning. Continue reading



He’d changed his routine in the last couple of weeks since returning. It used to be that he would wake, and immediately check the controls, the systems, and only then would he think about getting  showered and dressed. But no longer. Breakfast was his first priority now. The griping,  clenching hunger pangs that wracked his body could not be staved off until later. Continue reading