Forgot all about this picture. One I did a long time ago and somehow it never got put in my folder, and seems to have disappeared from my sites. I’m in the process of using it for a banner so thought I would stick it up here, just so I don’t forget it again.. I did this a long time ago and still love the stern look.

Acrylic on paper. A4 size.

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Sometimes life resembles a Gordian knot – so tangled and complex that you cannot see any way to unravel it. The only thing to do is to wait it out until things sort themselves out. So, serious UFO writing will take a breather for a few months, despite all my good intentions. I will continue to fertle with a couple of minor short stories that I started last year ( or was it the year before!!) but the serious stuff will take a backstep, although I fully intend finishing the final story in The Shepherd fairly soon. The actual story is compete, but I realised that a further part was needed to bring the story of John Shepherd and Rebecca Steel to a satisfactory conclusion (as well as allowing enough leeway to allow me to write  another story about the two of them later!) Continue reading