Forgot all about this picture. One I did a long time ago and somehow it never got put in my folder, and seems to have disappeared from my sites. I’m in the process of using it for a banner so thought I would stick it up here, just so I don’t forget it again.. I did this a long time ago and still love the stern look.

Acrylic on paper. A4 size.

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Art: Ed Straker – Assorted!

A selection of  drawings.

1. This was done with pastels, and is deliberately ‘blocky’.
I am going to do it in acrylics in summer..hopefully in A2 size, if not even larger.
It’s probably my favourite image.. and one I keep coming back to. Perhaps one day I will get it really accurate!


2. The original looks better than the scan. (really!) I just wanted to do something a bit different. I was actually very pleased with the way the crystal obelisk turned out. I’ll have a go at the glass sphere soon. Maybe.


I was never really happy with the first version of this, so I had another go. Pleased with the ‘tubing’ on this picture, and the reflections but still struggling with the eyes. Oh well, I can always try again! Difficult to get the background evenly dark using 9B pencil, but paint is too ‘flat’.