Shepherd 5: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

It was late morning by the time Rebecca arrived at the Shelter, her hair still damp from a quick shower, and her mind focussing on things other than work. She paced her office for a while, unable to settle and wondering what Ed was doing. If he was alright. What should she say to him? What words might he say to her? He had drowned. Dear God. Continue reading


Shepherd will continue in a couple of days.  It takes quite a long time to post it here, and on the other site and I tend to be busy at weekends at the moment. But, it  will come to a conclusion shortly.. and then… well, I will see what happens next to Straker and Rebecca.

One thing I have realised is that there are some characters from Shepherd who refuse to stay quiet and who, hopefully, will make a re-appearance later on this year in stories of their own.


An Unexpected Guest

This is set in the era of the original series, and comes some time after the episodes ‘Conflict’ and ‘Court Martial’.

Doug Jackson was one of the most enigmatic of the characters in UFO, a man who seemed to have his own agenda at times. There is virtually no backstory for him and in this story I have attempted to give him some ‘past’, some reason for his, at times, very reserved behaviour. This has been harder to write than I anticipated, but I hope that my recipient enjoys it.

It contains snow. And Christmas. And Straker. (And some angst) What more can anyone ask for? 😉

Continue reading

Shepherd 5: Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Mr. Dale Atwood. The envelope looked important and official and he panicked for a moment as he wondered who could possibly have a reason to write to him. There was a temptation to throw it away without opening, and in the past he had done that with letters from the banks and building societies and credit companies, but he turned the envelope over with a trembling hand and read the return address. Continue reading


 Shepherd updates – OOOPS!  Frantically busy Christmas here, and the drive with Shepherd on it was  locked away out of the reach of sproglets. I will post the next chapter, and a new, short Christmas story, tomorrow – Sunday 4th!