Art: Moonbase in pencil

My first Moonbase pictures.

1. I was really pleased with this, as I expected it to be much harder to get the shading to look reasonable. When I had finished the actual drawing I was then faced with the problem of how to put in a black background. I tried using black graphitint pencil and then a wash over it, but it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I have put up the different stages of the work as it progressed; I am most pleased with the finished drawing that hasn’t had the background done! Oh well, back to the drawing board!

I then decided to try doing Moonbase in pastels on black:

Although I really enjoyed doing Moonbase in pencil and pastels, i think the acrylic version is preferable!

Art: Ed Straker – Assorted!

A selection of  drawings.

1. This was done with pastels, and is deliberately ‘blocky’.
I am going to do it in acrylics in summer..hopefully in A2 size, if not even larger.
It’s probably my favourite image.. and one I keep coming back to. Perhaps one day I will get it really accurate!


2. The original looks better than the scan. (really!) I just wanted to do something a bit different. I was actually very pleased with the way the crystal obelisk turned out. I’ll have a go at the glass sphere soon. Maybe.


I was never really happy with the first version of this, so I had another go. Pleased with the ‘tubing’ on this picture, and the reflections but still struggling with the eyes. Oh well, I can always try again! Difficult to get the background evenly dark using 9B pencil, but paint is too ‘flat’.


Art: Interceptor

Well, I had the paints at work, so I thought I would continue with the Moonbase theme. This was much harder to do, because I didnt have a good picture of an Interceptor from which to work. I took a scan of the picture when I had been working on it for a few hours, and then the finished picture. It’s not one that I think I will keep though, as the moonscape is not very good, and the ‘engine’ section of the Interceptor is too vague and unformed.

This is the finished piece.

The Shepherd 3: Drafted


The voice was hesitant, and held a dark note of fear but it was enough to make  Alec Freeman turn with joy to the man sitting beside him.

Just that one word, that  one name was sufficient to crack the shield that had  safeguarded Straker from the events that had precipitated his nightmare. He leaned forward, head in his hands as he remembered the underground garage space, and then.. Continue reading

The Shepherd Pt 2: Hefted

Where had it gone wrong? How had  Straker escaped from his captors? As Mason hunched there on the greasy oil-stained concrete floor, yet another  question burned into his mind. Where was Straker now? If he was out there, alive, he should have emerged.


Hope flared in Mason’s breast. There might still be a chance. Continue reading