Moment of Truth

A UFO Story
By Lightcudder
©May 2012
Usual disclaimers apply.
Takes place approx three weeks after ‘The Man Who Came Back’

Dedicated to: ‘The London Five’.

The green light gave the go-ahead, I punched the button and the carriage door slid open, releasing me onto the platform. Commuters hurried past on their way to work, holding newspapers, briefcases and the ever-present umbrella, even in such mild conditions. I had nothing to carry except the letter and, for once, I was travelling by train. Parking was always a nightmare here, and it was easier this way, especially for such a brief meeting as this. I did not intend hanging around afterwards. I would give him the envelope and my explanation and then… walk away. After that? I had no idea what I was going to do then. Continue reading

My Mate

Straker put the phone down, sighing. Another problem sorted and yet another late night. He pushed his chair back, allowing himself the luxury of a lengthy stretch and a yawn, then checked his watch. Eighteen hours behind him and a full shift ahead. The problems involving Skydiver’s resupply schedule had taken hours to rectify and he was simply too weary to go home, not that there was much point in that. He had enough time for a shower and maybe a catnap before his first meeting of the day. Continue reading

An Unexpected Guest

This is set in the era of the original series, and comes some time after the episodes ‘Conflict’ and ‘Court Martial’.

Doug Jackson was one of the most enigmatic of the characters in UFO, a man who seemed to have his own agenda at times. There is virtually no backstory for him and in this story I have attempted to give him some ‘past’, some reason for his, at times, very reserved behaviour. This has been harder to write than I anticipated, but I hope that my recipient enjoys it.

It contains snow. And Christmas. And Straker. (And some angst) What more can anyone ask for? 😉

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Flash fic: The Long Way Home

Written in response to one of a series of prompts from ‘dragon’. Max words: 500


Straker takes a detour

He was leaving early for once, not by choice, but Jackson had made it clear. A couple of easy weeks before getting back into the swing of things. And nothing he said would make the doctor change his mind. Instead, he’d made Paul take a week off – anything rather than the constant questions about how he was doing. It was just a damned spacewalk, after all. Easier than driving home in the rush hour. He’d done the repairs, got back in the capsule and back to Earth. Job done. No need for all the fuss. Continue reading

Small Pleasures 1

Tags: Slight inference of m/m. Nothing  graphic though. Inferred violence. And a shower

(This takes place sometime after ‘Survival’)

No one ever locked the doors to the tiny guest cubicles on Moonbase. In fact, for safety reasons the doors wouldn’t lock although privacy was always respected. The unwritten rule was to knock on a door and wait for a moment before entering.  It would have been easy to just walk in, but he respected the rules, and the man, too much to just barge in unannounced as if it was an emergency. Continue reading

Fluff ( A UFO story for New Year)

 ( I don’t normally do fluff. I hate fluff. So does Straker now.)

‘Go away Colonel. You can see I’m busy.’

Alec Freeman let the large box rest on the edge of the desk. ‘Just for tonight. I borrowed it from FX for the party at Janice’s and I’m going to Moonbase in a couple of hours. No time to take it home. I’ll shift it as soon as I get back tomorrow.’

Straker sighed. ‘Very well, but put it over there.’ He waved a hand and carried on working as Freeman hauled the heavy carton up again and carried it to the other corner of the room. It slid from his hands before he could lower it the last few inches and there was a soft thud and the sound of something cracking. Continue reading

Midnight: A Hallowe’en Story

A ‘Hallowe’en’ UFO story

I’m back. He’s back. Not sure which of us is the happier.


Chapter 1

October 19th 2013

‘Time.’ Straker glanced around the Control room before swinging the microphone around and leaning forward to speak. ‘All sensors to maximum. All stations Red Alert.’ A satisfying silence. No unnecessary noise, no distracting replies, just a well-trained workforce in action. Foster looked up from the satellite image he was studying.

‘Here it comes.’

Penumbral lunar eclipse. Not uncommon, but with solar activity rendering the Antarctic satellite system temporarily out of contact, the whole continent was an open target for any UFO fortunate enough to get past the lunar defences. Straker stood there, arms folded and watching as satellite images displayed the lunar surface turning red, Ford concentrating on the sensors, head tilted to one side as if he was listening to some faint, far-away sound, Foster tapping his fingers soundlessly on his thigh. Alec, out of contact at the other end of the world would be listening as well.

They were all waiting. Continue reading

The Needs of the Many (A UFO story)

©Jan 2013 (work in progress.)

Chapter 1


Straehk reached the end of the path and turned to look back. This season’s crop promised to excel even his expectations, the fields full, the plants weighty with enough seed to keep the colony provided for next year and beyond. He had done his last walk-through just an hour before, trailing fingers though the heavy-headed ears of grain. Dark golden and ripe, they bobbed under his touch. It was only right that he should feel a sense of achievement in his work. Not pride, just satisfaction. A job well done. He would begin harvesting in the morning when the crew arrived, but his work here was completed and he could rest for a while.

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